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  1. TuniDoom

    EPIC 2

    I simply can't put into words how good this wad is. Such a beautiful trip. Very challenging and very beautiful. Not a very common combination. I usually don't like anything with Pharaohs and hieroglyphs, but then the beauty ... the extremely well crafted beauty ... hit. Whoever did this, Sir, you created a MASTERPIECE.
  2. TuniDoom

    WADs with no secrets?

    Looks awesome. One of the most intense starts I've personally seen to date, cyberdemon, archvile, and the rest of the team. Love it (: Will definitely give it a try. Thanks a lot for sharing.
  3. TuniDoom

    WADs with no secrets?

    Wow .. thank you so much to everyone who answered. I definitely learned a couple of new things from this thread. Thank you so much. Yes, I agree I can just ignore them. But I noticed a couple of wads where the secrets do provide very good items, like a BFG or cell boxes or Berserk, etc, which might become helpful in some difficult levels, given that I'm not that much of a doom ninja right now and I do die a lot. There are also wads that become very "puzzly" at times. And it's basically the same issue. You stop fragging and start wandering aimlessly. But again I do agree that I should just ignore the secrets and just ignore the pain of the incomplete end screen. I will definitely check the no secret wads list. Thank you very much. And I did play the first two levels of Sunder. I still have nightmares from that wad. But I will finish it. Thank you so much all, you guys are awesome, I hope this thread helps other people who might have the same question as me.
  4. TuniDoom

    WADs with no secrets?

    Dear all and non-noobs, Are there any WADs / Maps without secrets? I mean I loathe spending game time roaming like an idiot looking for some misaligned texture or listening for an opnening door. I just want to frag demons, continuously. Thank you in advance, NB