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  1. Jizzwardo

    MIDI Originals [09/06/2023]

    These songs just blow me away. Outrageously good, you are fantastic!!!
  2. Genuinely the greatest shitpost I've ever read on this site, bravo
  3. Jizzwardo

    Name some artistic mappers

    Nirvana, Benjogami, Bemused; Insane Gazebo and rd all come to mind for me (Fractured Worlds; The Egg of Human Endeavours/Toilet of the Gods; Abandon; Sunder and Eden all really blew me away when I played them), though I feel like "artistic" maybe isn't something I'd be very confident defining XD, I just tend to think of these as creative and beautiful maps.
  4. My favourite map of all time is Map 10 from the PWAD Haste :p. I'll let you deduce how I feel about them. (hint: why do you expect to go without punishment after a blunder? ;D)
  5. no, it sort of is since having a "cheap" trap is apparently a problem. Why is it a problem? Why is getting hit by projectiles or dying to a trap something that upsets you?
  6. Reading a thread like this is always interesting. There really is a disconnect somewhere because all I can personally think about is "who cares if a trap is 'cheap'?". Are people's ideal experience with doom just cruising along, never being challenged in the slightest, never being threatened with damage ever? Is dying to an encounter a "negative experience"? I really do have to ask, what makes a map engaging for you? What do you actually like about this game?
  7. The Brave Little Abacus - Just Got Back From the Discomfort—We're Alright Marietta - Summer Death Worst Party Ever - Anthology American Football - American Football (1999) Dominique Guiot - L'Univers De La Mer (just started listening to this one recently but I think its really cool) Can't say any of them are ordered except for Just Got Back which is my number 1, by a really large margin.
  8. Jizzwardo

    Opinion on non-MIDI sound tracks?

    I definitely think MIDI is really great for Doom maps, it fits the vibe so well imo and its quite a nice format to work with, so the barrier for entry with regards to writing your own songs for Doom is relatively low. Modules are really cool too, but there's a time and place for them I personally think (I feel like the wad sort of needs to establish that it is using modules in tandem with MIDI overall/only using modules, I don't think a wad with 99 percent MIDI music and then one "out of place" module really fits I guess), and anything further than that (mp3, etc) I really think goes a bit too far and is a little bit uninspired.. I would much prefer to hear a MIDI version of a song rather than an mp3 of it, its a bit more endearing and a bit better suited to doom in my opinion.
  9. Jizzwardo

    Haste demos [-complevel 9]

    MAP10 UV-Max in 3:34 has10-334.zip https://youtu.be/Dja3GliHqQk
  10. To be honest I find this very hard to believe. I mean, looking at it just at a glance, do they even talk about PWADs on there? Surely people must know about doomworld, heck I knew about it well before having any interest in doom, but maybe I just somehow heard of it and most people don't.. I know for fighting games reddit would definitely not be somewhere anyone would genuinely be on, but maybe I really am underestimating how large reddit is just because I've never had to use it..
  11. Have a few favourites- 1. The Void in Map 10 of Haste - the way there are random feeling structures feels like the map is an amalgamation of many worlds colliding into one almost. So sick to me. 2. Down the Drain's whole aesthetic (to cheat), though if I had to pick one, I would say the first episode of that wad. Something about the way the fields look, it reminds me vaguely of just "old internet", which isn't something I was really around for, but I don't know. It's like the Windows XP wallpaper lol, its that kind of vibe. Absolutely amazing. 3. Flotsam's Map 09 - I love green basically, and this map's whole atmosphere is amazing to me. It was the first time I ever played a challenging map, and I was definitely not good enough to really be playing it at the time, but the visuals kept me wanting to play it. The music also adds so much to it. 4. Crumpets Map 05 - More green :), I really love the way the puddles on the ground intertwined with the ground to make just a really wavy, smooth looking map. This was the inspiration for my first map. 5. Toilet of the Gods Map 01 - I just love the huge open space with the massive falls in the distance, and seeing the caco swarm slowly floating towards you at the beginning. I also just love how vertical everything is, I'm a huge fan of just how the map looks. Kinda hard for me to pinpoint anything for this one but there's just something cool about it for me I guess :p
  12. Jizzwardo

    Which engagement style of these do you resonate more with?

    the premise behind this thread is so awesome, I never really thought of it consciously like that. For me, I find I look at a map the second way almost always, and especially when it comes to encounters. There are definitely times when the first way would just be the natural way to consume the map but ever since I started mapping myself I'm always thinking about the person behind the maps rather than just being immersed in the environment. I can't tell if its a good or bad thing really, because on one hand, combat is made a bit more fun and I feel as though I can understand it a bit more now than when I was totally new, but there is something maybe lost about the magic of being able to just take it all in.
  13. Jizzwardo

    Demos for miscellaneous Ribbiks maps

    JQ_2 Map 05 UV-Max in 1:13 - demo: jq205-113.zip video: https://youtu.be/vVq4T6OjQFU
  14. Jizzwardo

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    looks lovely to me! keep it up :D