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  1. Fobos

    Doom Builder Linux?

  2. Fobos

    Doom Builder Linux?

    Is there a doom builder for Linux?
  3. Fobos

    Error dosbox ipxnet

    in dosbox ece you can put the configuration of dosbox origianl
  4. Fobos

    Error dosbox ipxnet

    I get this error in dosbox
  5. How doom wads are made in the 90s doom builder did not exist so what were they made with
  6. Fobos

    how can i remove a .deh

    I want to remove a dehacked deh is the one from mohawks.deh and I want to remove it to just execute a wad
  7. Fobos

    DWANGO 9

    Cool windows 9
  8. Fobos

    DWANGO 9

    you can tell it's real
  9. Fobos

    DWANGO 9

    Does DWANGO 9.wad exist? there is a version made by a fan but the original