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  1. Cajun[CC]

    Python swallowing Alligator = DOUBLE K.O.

    Basically snakes can unhinge their jaw and stretch their mouth way around all kinds of stuff.
  2. Cajun[CC]

    Problems at id?

    I read that article about 12 times and still can't figure out what's going on. Heh. Anyone care to translate?
  3. Cajun[CC]

    Plasma Gun

    Metroid Prime had badass weapons all around. - Normal: Not too powerful, but it'll fire as fast as you can mash the button. - Wave: Fairly powerful, slower firing, wider area. - Ice: Powerful and slow, but it freezes stuff too! - Plasma: Puts on a good firey hurtin', but only at short range. Anyone up for a weapons mod?
  4. Cajun[CC]

    Pass the gas

    There aren't going to be any riots. All that's gonna happen is people are going to bitch and whine all the way to the gas pump in their huge SUVs that get 4 mpg.
  5. Cajun[CC]

    The /newstuff Chronicles #240

    I'd say I'm happy with the review my map got. :) Psst. They WERE copy/pasted and then altered to fit the area. It was intentional so that i could get a lot of variation in the theme of the other areas, but still keep the feel of it like it all belonged together. Note to self: More modifications after cut/paste next time.
  6. Well it doesn't look like the mirrors have updated yet. But the map is on the archive.3dgamers.com FTP in /newstuff. Filename is overrun.zip. When the mirrors update, i'll provide a link. edit: And here it is! http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?id=13662
  7. Cajun[CC]

    Another retail doom question....

    I've got an AMD K6-2 400 set up as a DOS machine to play vanilla Doom and the original Need for Speed. R00lz! Even has Win3.11 and gets online with IE 5. :)
  8. Cajun[CC]

    Blunderbust (Star Wars branch)

    Well yeah, but I meant a little further along. And in more detail.
  9. Cajun[CC]

    Blunderbust (Star Wars branch)

    Episode I's events could've been turned into the scroller at the beginning of Episode II. Then II becomes the new I and the new II is all about the Clone wars and Anakin's growth as a Jedi. Then Episode II remains basically how it is, but starting about a half hour later than it does currently and ending about a half hour later, chronicling some of the earliest dealings of the Empire and the formation of the Rebel Alliance. :) Then it would be perfect. We'd have no need for Jar Jar or Pod Races.
  10. Cajun[CC]

    Doom Ported To... Doom 3

    I definitely just played through all of Episode 1. Not being able to switch weapons was a pain, and it was a bit lagged. But it was still fun. Surprising ow addictive doom is all over again when you put it in a different format. :)
  11. Well like I said. This map was all about self-control for me. I promised myself that I wouldn't release it or even post screens until I was happy with the way it looked and played. I wanted to make something worthwhile, not a lame n00b map. Hopefully, I've acheived that. I think every area of the map has gone through at least two total redesigns. Here's the updated screens: http://cajuncc.myrtlemadness.net/mywad/1.jpg http://cajuncc.myrtlemadness.net/mywad/2.jpg http://cajuncc.myrtlemadness.net/mywad/3.jpg http://cajuncc.myrtlemadness.net/mywad/4.jpg http://cajuncc.myrtlemadness.net/mywad/5.jpg http://cajuncc.myrtlemadness.net/mywad/6.jpg http://cajuncc.myrtlemadness.net/mywad/7.jpg http://cajuncc.myrtlemadness.net/mywad/8.jpg I'm thinking about releasing a sort of "beta" version soon to get some gameplay advice before I actually release it. When I do, I'll throw the link up here.
  12. Updated shots and such at my WIP Page. I'll probably get some more shots to post here. Any feedback is hugely appreciated. Especially ideas for how to improve things.
  13. Cajun[CC]

    God Mode

    Whenever I'm testing something, right after I spawn, I go: iddqdidkfa5 and I go to town. :) Quite a stress reliever actually. But if I'm trying to actually PLAY the game, then no cheats of course.
  14. Well like I said, I've done some playing aroudn before. This isn't my first time ever using an editor. It's just the first time I've actually sat down to make a serious, playable map. I decided I was going to take my time and really do it right. And I wasn't going to show it to anyone unless I was really happy with it.
  15. Cajun[CC]

    Doom Builder 3D mode scale

    Can't you just letterbox the windowed mode? Black bars on the sides of the screen to get a 4:3 window in the middle?