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  1. I should try to find some of my old magazines, off the top of my head I remember a magazine giving a really harsh review of Final Doom and a comparsion of Doom and Daggerfall in another.
  2. LlamaGod

    Pictures of the Cyberdemon and Hell. (EXTREME SPOILERS)

    Explain that one more. I think Doom 3 is average, it's fun, but brings nothing new to the table.
  3. LlamaGod

    The email from William Banks...

    2 hours left on that clock page
  4. LlamaGod

    Pictures of the Cyberdemon and Hell. (EXTREME SPOILERS)

    like 3DRealms and John Romero, rite? I dont get people who always go 'lol ur dork roofles' whenever someone dislikes something about Doom 3, or they say to get a life. Yet they are the ones who endlessly guard a single FPS game you'll beat in a few hours, just because of namesake of said game. 'It's flawless because it's Doom, rite?' http://www.3dgamers.com/games/stalker/ http://www.3dgamers.com/screenshots/games/stalker/
  5. LlamaGod

    The email from William Banks...

    I'm guessing it's just a flashy way of telling us when the game comes out.
  6. LlamaGod

    new doom3 trailer

    the music in it was lame..that's the Doom 3 theme music too.
  7. LlamaGod

    So, what's your first map gonna be?

    Surprised with all this talk of noob map design nobody has decided to include Ye Olde CybereDemone in there somewhere.
  8. LlamaGod

    System Shock 2 mod

    The System Shock 3 argument holds no water for EA's call, as SS3 cannot really be made.. System Shock is split among Looking Glass people, Irrational and EA.
  9. LlamaGod

    All the monsters and Boss list

    After watching the videoes people have been passing around, I dont like the monster sound effects too much. Cyberdemon's voice sounds really lame and generic (like something you'd hear on a cartoon) and the Cacodemons make a bunch of goofy squeaky noises.
  10. LlamaGod

    All the monsters and Boss list

    I like the Cacodemon design and i'm glad it made it in, but I dont like how they combined it with Pain Elemental and gave it a bunch of eyes (Cacodemon was always my favorite for his 1 eye). The bosses look average and the cyberdemon is okay, but could of been better (something less.. plain). I also think the original Arch-Vile design was better (looked closer to the original). Also disappointed about Arachnotrons being gone (as far was we know, atleast). The rest look pretty good, though (except the goddamn spiders, WHY spiders, they and crates are the bane of FPS games).
  11. LlamaGod

    Pictures of the Cyberdemon and Hell. (EXTREME SPOILERS)

    I dont really like the metal look of him. Makes him look like some suit of armor. A big scary demon head would of been cooler, and then the full metal leg.
  12. LlamaGod

    Most annoying moster...

    Arch-Viles are the ones I hate the most. Every time I see them, I groan. 'Hunted' in Plutonia was like 'goddamn it'.
  13. LlamaGod

    Crashes and Graphic Loss

    Here is error stuff that shows up when the game crashes: ZDOOMGL2 caused an invalid page fault in module ZDOOMGL2.EXE at 01a7:004a8f52. Registers: EAX=00000000 CS=01a7 EIP=004a8f52 EFLGS=00010246 EBX=00000001 SS=01af ESP=00a1f71c EBP=fff49500 ECX=00000001 DS=01af ESI=0000019a FS=45df EDX=00000000 ES=01af EDI=0060beb8 GS=0000 Bytes at CS:EIP: 8b 08 ff 51 20 8b 35 dc bb 60 00 8b 15 1c c3 60 Stack dump: 00000000 0060beb8 0000019a 00000000 001f04e0 00000000 00000000 00000000 c2e50002 00060000 16cf2d8c bff714d9 004a9266 00000002 00a1fa48 00a1f9ec
  14. LlamaGod

    Crashes and Graphic Loss

    I keep getting random graphic losses running the current version (posted here), the textures just disappear, so everything is 100% black and I can only see static objects. Also, on another note, I get crashes often when switching from one level to another (right at or after the tally screen, depends on the .WAD i'm using, i.e. Ultimate Doom crashes at the picture of all the levels, TNT crashes at the tally screen).
  15. LlamaGod

    Vicarious Visionsnterview

    Serious Sam > You And why would Doom 3 not be about mindless slaughter? That's the whole damn point Doom made in the first place. Pah. Leave the stupid pretencious 'we are making an EXPERIENCE' crap to the Half-Life jokers. I wanna grab a gun and blast around in Hell, not play some half-witted storyline with loads of scripted events (Which is why Unreal2 sucked).