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Everything posted by mmnpsrsoskl

  1. McWTF I come back once in a while and I see how crazy it is here ;) Even I remember this from eons ago...but hey I still laughed :D
  2. I bought it yesterday after I bought the Punisher on DVD. I was impressed at first, like, riding the bmx around, some new features and stuff, but yeah, one thing that has been annoying me is the loading times. I know it's a big game, but you do a mission, root it sideways, and then have to wait another few minutes. :@ And this new shit about exercising and wearing clothes and shit, I don't do that in real life, why do I have to do it in a video game? Wait, I wear clothes. But you see my point? IMO, they've tried to make it too realistic...I thought GTA was all about talking to some dude, and he goes, go rape this cunt, or steal this cunts money, and you have FUN doing it. Not fucking about on a walking machine or dating some random bitch.
  3. mmnpsrsoskl

    Nightmare skill - holy bejesus.

    I have trouble on the lowest setting. I would be anally probed by monsters on Nightmare ^_^
  4. mmnpsrsoskl

    Greatly speed up Doom3 performance

    If i'm getting it right, you unpack them into say ../Doom 3/base/pak000/ ../Doom 3/base/pak001/ ../Doom 3/base/pak002/ ../Doom 3/base/pak003/ ../Doom 3/base/pak004/ For the respected files?
  5. mmnpsrsoskl

    sounds horrible with headphones

    I use my err, Sony headphones, and have the sound running through my stereo (since my shitty on-board sound card has no amplification :() and it sounds great. Especially at night :D
  6. mmnpsrsoskl

    Enabling left-handed weapons

    Ooops, somehow the forum sent me here instead of another thread :S
  7. mmnpsrsoskl

    Doom 3 Out There

    Yay, my copy is here! :) I still need a better PC though, looks like it'll be 3FPS for me! ^_^
  8. Been a while since I have posted here, or read anything Doomworldish.

    I pre-ordered Doom 3 the other day, so I decided to come back here and tell you about it :P

    Someone care to update on anything that's been going on around here? ^_^

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    2. Captain Red

      Captain Red

      Hey! you've returned!

    3. dsm


      Welcome back, Member #457890234561.

    4. Kid Airbag

      Kid Airbag

      DooMBoy said:

      Good old Bloodshedder, always there to save the day!


  9. Amen. The inspiration for my 'Bites' nickname. ;) Shit been a while since I posted here :P
  10. mmnpsrsoskl

    D3 Alpha and E3 tech demo. Are they the same or no?

    Me. I never knew that fucking code.
  11. mmnpsrsoskl

    So bad it's good...

    Heh, this was a file someone showed me on a car website, but his URL didn't work. I just noticed they have different filenames, but same extension and same size. Cancel!
  12. mmnpsrsoskl

    CS vs ET

    ET >> CS :P I would play AA:SF but my ADSL causes BSOD's when I run it. O_~
  13. mmnpsrsoskl

    Favorite SMB3 World

  14. mmnpsrsoskl

    Favorite SMB3 World

    http://www.tolu.edu.hel.fi/~hc/omgwtfsmb3.wmv Kinda freaky. Though it's fake it's fucking cool.
  15. Erm, an icon can be resized to 16x16 and changed from a bitmap. I used to do that all the time.
  16. mmnpsrsoskl


    Pfeh. Got me a Ford Laser, and had to get the engine replaced a few weeks back becaused of a heating problem. $1250AUD :(
  17. mmnpsrsoskl

    How's your vision?

    20/20. Though I need to get them checked, I think it's a tad lower :P How do you do this blurring effect?
  18. mmnpsrsoskl

    Who’s more cool? (a contest just for fun)

    Out of each choice, I have only played one of them, so they get my vote. 1. Max Payne 2. Tommy Vercetti 3. Gordon Freeman 4. Snake 5. 007 6. BloodRayne ;)
  19. mmnpsrsoskl

    Metroid Prime Done Quick

    Hey, what do you expect, the game is supposed to be suitable for like 5 year olds. Or something. Besides, there is plenty of fan artwork to look at ;)
  20. mmnpsrsoskl

    Where's my Title gone?

    mmm Quadratic Equations...
  21. mmnpsrsoskl

    Metroid Prime Done Quick

    Heh, I forgot about Metroid Prime. Might go try finish it again.
  22. I liked the movie. Though i'm one of those people who has to see a movie twice or maybe three times before fully understanding it. First impression though: Nothing like the ending I was expecting.
  23. mmnpsrsoskl

    Anyone have their D!Zone 1 CD handy?

    I have that cd somewhere, I think I misplaced it already (I bought it a while ago off ebay)...
  24. mmnpsrsoskl

    Favorite / most annoying accents?

    Canadian, French...hmm...a few others I like, I know a lot of people on the internet from those regions...well most of Europe ;) And I hate when they have a TV show full of Americans or something, and then have one Australian guy talking, it sounds so fucking dicky.