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  1. it's a lot better, yeah.
  2. He's trying to get better by... making an alt, never apologizing or admitting anything, and carrying on like nothing happened? This is not the normal way of getting better.
  3. you shutting up? lol
  4. are you saying you're some sort of amalgoom between accounts?
  5. sandwedge

    grungo Q&A - ask grungo anything

    Grungo what are your thoughts on amalgoom
  6. fun challenging map! some real oh shit moments later on. Only annoyance I had was that the areas are fairly cramped and I found myself getting hung up on those damn lightposts a lot lol. You could maybe remove a couple ornaments to make that a bit smoother if you like. But cool map.
  7. Hey there, just played the first 8 maps and had a good time! I haven't played doom much lately and wanted to play some stuff in crispy doom, and I had sat in on one of clippy's videos so this came to mind. Exactly the type of oldschool straightforward levels I felt like playing coming back to doom. Of course great stuff putting so many levels together so quickly! Some specific notes I took (played in crispy doom on ultra-violence pistol start): -Levels have a vanilla feel despite being limit removing, I bet a bunch of this would naturally work under vanilla limits. As a beginner it makes sense to use an easier format, but might be worth checking out vanilla if you're confident because there are quite a few vanilla fans out there like me! Or you could go the route of detailing maps more, or ignore that and do whatever you want, but it looks nice on low res crispy doom settings. Like playing a 90's wad without the annoying stuff lol. -I was starting to feel a bit fatigued with the visuals but then map 6 was a nice breath of fresh air with the outdoor craggy rocks. Some more stuff like that would be cool. I like that it transitions in a techbase type area, going through variable terrain is a nice way to tell a story to a player. -I like a bunch of the larger encounter traps, not too hard but satisfying. Plenty of good incidental combat too, though at times predictable. Something you'll undoubtedly get a feel for as you go. I love mowing down hitscanners so works for me! -Map 7: I had a glitch with the first door into the big area, couldn't open it on the other side to leave the level. Looked at in doom builder and saw a trigger in the rev trap area thats supposed to open it but it didnt work for some reason. Also I figured you could use the map 7 special trigger instead of switches until I realized you have more mancubi in the level. I think for that trigger to work you have to kill all mancubi in the level iirc so maybe that won't work. Or change the later monsters. - In general you use the trick a lot to have several switches to pop up to leave an area, it became a bit tedious after a while. Other wads use different tricks to let you leave that make it hard to exit during fights that dont take so long, maybe just dont require so many switches or dont make it the same type every time. -I think all the levels were about 10-15 minutes long, and all had a lot of backtracking with all the keys. I wouldn't be so afraid to have a bit more variable length, especially with the first few levels, maybe have shorter breather levels, and not necessarily rely on the same backtracking tricks to extend playtime in every level. All in all I enjoyed your work, it's a great first megawad (!) and look forward to playing more!
  8. sandwedge


    I always thought crouching felt wrong in doom and now I know why. Don't do this doomguy, please.
  9. sandwedge

    opinions on pineapple on pizza?

    I fucking love it but it's gotta have pineapple, ham AND bacon for it to work. It's got a really nice sweet savoury flavour. Without bacon it's really lacking something, I haven't tried it without ham but that might feel like it's missing some heft. This is usually the way it's made around here except for the odd place that fucks it up, or someone orders a custom pizza and fucks it up.
  10. since this thread is still going, I'm not sure if it was mentioned but somebody already remade operation bodycount and it's actually really good! So no need to speculate: The company doesn't need to have anything to do with it. The thread would make more sense if you said what if you do a remake or spiritual successor to x game, but reviving a company that sucked doesn't make much sense. It was the people in the company and/or management that made it the company it was and they couldn't make a good game. Even if they had some shred of an idea that was pretty derivative, they couldn't execute on any of them, so what's the point?
  11. sandwedge

    Doom Tierlist

    GZDoom is also not an official port.
  12. sandwedge

    Doom Tierlist

    my favourite doom game is GZDoom (Unofficial Doom Enhancer)! I just can't get enough of it!
  13. What if Grungo made a gimmick account but it was actually funny?
  14. sandwedge

    Map01 for Sandy

    Hey thanks! That's really nice of you!
  15. sandwedge

    What does bfg stand for?

    Clearly nobody watched the movie otherwise you would know it's the Bio Force Gun. But seriously, I always liked Big Fun Gun or even Best Friend Gun :3
  16. lol I'll be honest, it was definitely more frustrating than fun for me. I only ended up beating it as a sort of masochistic achievement haha. It is beatable and it's not like this CP is worrying too much about a perfect difficulty curve or anything, which is fine. But if it's not intended then yeah, maybe make a lower difficulty level the UV setting lol. I suppose I could've dropped the difficulty level lower myself for one level, but that feels weird when the rest of the wad is fine on UV. Ultimately it's up to you and I'm only one opinion, though I showed the level to some other folks who pretty much agreed with me.
  17. Hey, good to see the new fixes! Just finished the rest of RC2 tonight, had a good time! Map 13 is indeed by far the hardest map in this set, other than that the difficulty does go back and forth but within a reasonable range (UV pistol start). Last couple levels have some fun slaughtery elements that were a good climax. I think some people might find the crate texturing throughout to be a bit much, but for whatever reason I am crate crazy and found it to have decent variety, and it was also kind of hilarious especially paired with the story about messing up a crate order. Some various issues I found (forgot to mention im playing dsda, still v0.25 lol): -map 9: the plasma gun does lower, however you need to shoot to wake up and activate the teleport trap to progress which took me a little while to figure out. So maybe it could activate by picking up the plasma gun. -map 18: 2 pinkies in the mega-armor secret are stuck together. poor things. -map 19: some of the hitscanners perched in the little crate pillars are stuck and only fire once shot. to be honest this almost works for balance reasons since they are quite obscured and hard to see, but I assume this wasn't intended. -generally there were a couple times here and there where I had trouble identifying door/lift textures since they are also crate themed and can blend in. But I was surprised it didn't happen more often, so it might be ok. Great work!
  18. Hey I love crates a lot for some reason and I've really enjoyed the first episode so far, and all the crate themed stuff like the status bar. Honestly been looking forward to this for a while and I'm not disappointed. Only issue I've had is on map 3 I accidentally missed the red key on top of the boxes, and it seems if you fall off you can't get back on since the switch isn't repeatable, as far as I could tell. Other than that great work so far! edit: -how do I progress on map 9 once the plasma gun raises up? -map 13 is also an insane difficulty spike lol, but still beatable on uv pistol start with plenty of save scumming
  19. Sorry, I've already invested in a lot of boom wads on doomworld so I really need to diversify my portfolio. I thought this was a vanilla project, my mistake. I hope you can find new investors soon.
  20. wait this is a boom wad? sorry I don't invest in boom wads. you'll have to find someone else.
  21. sandwedge


    Here's a lousy post I made, enjoy!