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  1. EClydeDeebo

    Criticism and what I would improve about Doom Eternal

    Add cheats that let 68 year old guys like me play the game. I am to slow to jump (maybe that's called platforming) What are ya gonna do though, eh?
  2. EClydeDeebo

    The Green Manalishi

    This level is a rework of IWFM.wad released on 2-6-16. I had the desire to spend more time on the wad. I added much and made the level more difficult on all levels esp the Ultra-Violence. I hope you play it and I hope you enjoy yourself . TGM.zip
  3. EClydeDeebo

    dragging and dropping pwads on brutal doom

    scifista42, with your help I got it done Good job
  4. EClydeDeebo

    dragging and dropping pwads on brutal doom

    Good answer. Thanks. Mostly I wanted to make sure there wasn't something I was missing or I could make all pwads work by merely doing X. All the pwads I made work. Many of the master levels don't and any pwad I tried from Dr Sleep doesn't work.
  5. some work and some don't. will anyone shine some light on this? thanks
  6. EClydeDeebo


    I concur
  7. EClydeDeebo

    Devil's Krotch Wad

    Thanks Man. I appreciate the kind words. After I played Brutal Doom for the first time less then a month ago I thought more monsters!
  8. EClydeDeebo

    Devil's Krotch Wad

    Today is the release date for the Devil's Krotch. You can download it now https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B76xkt2Ab0JKdXFIN3BuWkFmQTg/view?usp=sharing The wad will be updated as I see fit. The name will never change nor will the version number. Any changes will be cosmetic ( I hope) Despite the txt file it's in UDMF format Have Fun Stay Young
  9. EClydeDeebo

    Custom heretic wad

    Anyone that makes a Heretic level deserves kudos. Kudos. I couldn't get out of the first room alive. I tried 5 times. I either suck or it's too hard. Keep up the good work
  10. EClydeDeebo

    Tip for Video Tutorilas

    I have found the video tuts helpful. I don't think though that half of a tut needs to be dedicated to building a room when that isn't the point of the tut. Also, some guys...get the marbles out of your mouth or don't drink before you tut. Thanks though to all tutors
  11. EClydeDeebo

    Battison Krag Final Hexen Level Released

    Thank You for your kind words. As to whether I stick with it...to much to do in life to spend a lot of time mapping. Spring is coming and my chainsaw needs to get busy. I am the only person I have met that thinks it unimportant to texture theme a map.
  12. EClydeDeebo

    Battison Krag Final Hexen Level Released

    Thank You for the feedback which I appreciate very much. Heresiarch has no purpose. I put him there and left him there. My intent was for him to break out from the trees which were to be destructible and see what he does. Then I forgot about it. The bars are goofy...no doubt. Textures are not aligned. All Doom games are linear but I know what you mean. What would you suggest as an ending? I liked it. I tried the Wyvern or whatever it is called in Hexen and another boss but didn't like that. I suppose I could have gone onto another level but that made even less sense to me. What I had hoped on the ice slide was a double trouble but sliding into pots to release monsters I could not get done. Around a corner woulda been a good idea Nope no unifying theme. I won't do that. I find it really a bore to spend 20 minutes in a swamp or cave.....that was Hexen's biggest fault IMO. Easy to get lost. I like current games that actually give me guidance on where to go. Again thanks. Gives me a chance to think about what I did and see if I have improved over the last 20+ years. I have since updated the map.
  13. EClydeDeebo

    Battison Krag Final Hexen Level Released

    Pay particular attention to the nudie textures
  14. Done. Fixed a few things. Thanks All I can't do anymore on my own. I know it too well. So, if you dig Hexen (more Doom then pure Hexen) give it a go. Post back here if you have suggestions. I can't script so most of the script is stolen from tutorials except for some stolen from Hexen MAP04. I call it Battison Krag (Penistone Crag is from the story "Wuthering Heights") I hope it is balanced for all fighter classes but I doubt it. Right now I can't play it anymore and didn't want to leave it for later cause that may not come. Basically the theme is castle-sewage. You were sitting at the fire waiting for your gal Bronwyn to stop by and give ya a blowjob....you hear someone at the door so you go check...it ain't her https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B76xkt2Ab0JKb2hZSnlIZmpYY3M/view?usp=sharing
  15. EClydeDeebo

    A Good Day Mapping

    Sorry Man...I slipped up. It won't happen again