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  1. Quite surprised to see that pretty much my first work made it that high up the list, i'm really glad that you enjoyed it. (despite it being very brown) :)
  2. Petyan

    [MBF21] Firerainbow (RC2)

    Whenever someone records a demo and posts it either in the misc. thread or records a demo and makes a separate thread, and since it's final - anyone can do that.
  3. Petyan

    Bingo Competition 2023

    Kama Sutra Map 02 Tyson in 2:15.51 ks02t215.zip
  4. Petyan

    Bingo Competition 2023

    Kama Sutra Map 02 Tyson in 2:43.03 ks02t243.zip
  5. Guess who gets this extended to november. 70% done maybe.
  6. Petyan

    [MBF21] Firerainbow (RC2)

    And we hit idgames! - Link. Thanks everyone who played and participated, hope your eyes didn't fall off your eyesockets after playing this. Also, very intrigued to see if anyone is going to use any of the recolors in their own projects - might be interesting these textures in a less (or more) experimental mapset.
  7. Petyan

    The 10x10 Project demos [-complevel 9]

    MAP02 Tyson in 11:10.31 10x02t1110.zip
  8. Petyan

    [MBF21] Firerainbow (RC2)

    After slightly more than a week the RC2 is out! Changelog: If no other bugs/issues are found this version is considered final.
  9. Petyan

    [MBF21] Firerainbow (RC2)

    Glad you enjoyed and also glad you took a break. I assume you mean the moster closets outside of the map - they are supposed to teleport in after certain actions you do in the map. In this map format it's impossible to summon enemies from thin air, so they are supposed to be somewhere in the map first.
  10. Petyan

    The 10x10 Project demos [-complevel 9]

    MAP01 Tyson in 09:59.29 10x01t959.zip
  11. IWAD: DOOM2 Tested with: DSDA-Doom 0.26.2 Map Format: MBF21 (+UMAPINFO) Difficulty settings: Yes, most of the maps Co-op: Co-op starts only. PHOTOSENSITIVITY WARNING: SOME MAPS HAVE FLASHING LIGHTS AND ARE GENERALLY HEAVY ON THE EYES, IF YOU FEEL SICK WHILE PLAYING THIS PLEASE CONSIDER STOPPING. Firerainbow is a small (9 main maps, 1 underhall and 2 secret maps) MBF21 community project originally hosted in @Meowgi discord server by me. As you probably can guess from the WAD name it has something to do with the award-winning legendary FIREBLU texture but with a twist - FIREBLU has been recolored into a huge variety of colors including a whole rainbow. The restriction of the project was to use only the recolors of the FIREBLU textures, which makes this project somewhat inspired by the likes of 1badwad, DIY, ICGYA and 1x1, by combining usage of only one texture/flat (1x1) but recolored into simple variety of colors (1badwad, DIY) and with occasional usage of HOM effect (ICGYA). Also there was no restriction on difficulty whatsoever, but the maps are ordered roughly by difficulty while also attempting to juggle between a shorter/longer level to keep the gameplay fresh and interesting. Good luck and please remember to rest your eyes. LINK - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hI2eO60kW_tkuEp4e3lXzm6V7yQVN6D2/view?usp=drive_link /idgames - https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/d-f/firerainbow Some screenshots: Credits and maplist: Known bugs:
  12. Sign me in. This time i'll try to complete only 1 map instead of 30 like the last time.
  13. Petyan

    1x1 [MBF21] (Final Release)

    Can't wait for 100x100.