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  1. Spidercyberdemon

    Doom Builder officially released inclusive source code

    I am directing the post to everyone, else I would have PM'd you.
  2. Spidercyberdemon

    Doom Builder officially released inclusive source code

    Take a look at this post for an idea of what to do with the source code. (Yeah, I know I made the thread, but take a look anyways, please) http://www.doomworld.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=24025
  3. Spidercyberdemon

    favourite megawad?

    These wads listed are the ones that are extremely popular. I do like playing very good single player levels, but this thread is not about what I like and what I do not like. However, I do prefer megawads to single level wads (but I like them both). This poll is referring to those megawads that are extremely popular throughout the Doomworld community.
  4. Spidercyberdemon

    Another poll about DOOM levels (type of levels)

    Unfortunately, the number of maximum options is extremely limited (10, and I have reached the max). So, please do not consider my poll to be dumb, I am unable to add more than 10 options. Also, I really consider Gothic type styles (the marble walls and such) to be somewhat hellish. So, if you are a Gothic type fan, just put that as Hellish if you want to (Since the marbled walls look hellish to me, especially those with the demonic faces and the ones with the hanging men). I apologize for the inconvience of having a short poll. Unfortunately, there is not much I can do, since DOOMWORLD makes the maximum number of options so low. Finally, if you do not know what EBDOOM is, you probably will like. Go to zxdware.net to learn about it. Unfortunately, the authors have probably abadoned it but there are 89+ monsters, new abilities (like you being resurrected by friendly archviles etc.) Finally, be sure to use EDGE 1.28 instead of EDGE 1.27 like it says, EDGE 1.28 goes faster.
  5. What is your favorite kind of Doom level? Do you like tech levels, Hellish levels (like me), or city-like levels? Please vote on the poll. Multiple Votes are allowed since I am adding "Icon of Sin" type-levels, and more.
  6. Spidercyberdemon

    favourite megawad?

    I can't wait for it to come out! I hope there is an AV 2 and HR 2!!! Oh wait... There is an HR 2. Well, HR 3. And make it more like HR 1. What does everyone think Scythe II will be like? (10 tech, 10 city, 10 hell for example) The problem with DOOM... Not enough Megawads of such quality to satisfy me.
  7. Spidercyberdemon

    The first time you met the Spider Mastermind...

    LOL, I would rather fight a Cyberdemon than an Arachnotron. Arachno's fire more rapidly and their plasma cells are much faster. Oh, and BTW, two Spider Masterminds are easy since you can get them to fight each other.
  8. Spidercyberdemon


    Please rank these bosses (1-5) in terms of toughness. also, please give each boss a rating (on a scale from 1-10) on how scary it is, toughness, and "coolness" (if you think it is cool). 1.Icon of Sin 2.The Cyberdemon 3.The Spiderdemon 4.The Baron of Hell 5.The Archvile
  9. Spidercyberdemon

    The first time you met the Spider Mastermind...

    I saw a Spider Mastermind (3000 H.P) not trapped at all get defeated by a Trooper (60 H.P)! The Spider was undamaged. Unfortunately, I didn't know how to record lmp's so I do not have a demo. Anyways, isn't that shocking?
  10. Spidercyberdemon

    Worst Wad.... Ever

    1337.wad-Good, but some levels repeat. I LOVE the fact that there are so many Icon of Sin levels. wow.wad-WOW! I CANNOT BELIEVE WHAT WAD I JUST MADE! IT IS LIKE SO, SO SHITTY I CAN'T BELIEVE IT. WOW! Very poorly done. Bad job, author. Maximum Doom CD-Out of EVERY SINGLE WAD on there, the ONLY ONE which I thought was good was Enjay DOOM (32 levels) DOOM JR is fair.
  11. Spidercyberdemon

    If DOOM 2 had two new monsters...

    What do you think they should be? Please list 1.Hitpoints (Demon has 120, Baron of Hell has 1000, Spider Mastermind has 3000) 2.Weapon 3.Damage that weapon can do 4.Description and name 5.Reason why you chose this monster. Also, please do not include heretic/strife/hexen monsters
  12. Spidercyberdemon

    favourite monster

    The power of the chaingun. In melee distance, the Spider Mastermind usually defeats a Cyberdemon. (At least from what I see)
  13. Spidercyberdemon

    Worst Wad.... Ever

  14. Which monster is harder to kill, the Spider Mastermind or the Cyberdemon? I think the Spider is harder because the Cyber's rockets are extremely easy to dodge (chainguns are very hard to dodge from)
  15. Spidercyberdemon

    When you first met the Cyber Demon...

    The Cyberdemon was easy even during my first encounter with it. I kept strafing and beat it harmlessly. The Spider is easy with the BFG but I kept getting shot and killed by the chaingun. I loaded my saved game and eventually beat it.