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  1. manjar

    My DOOM Reviews

    You're still revealing spoilers by telling us what kind of monsters 'we' will be facing. Your theory of anti-spoilers is once again failing. Use Imageshack, kill their bandwith and the Doomworld forums database with one stone. It works wonders, no? For better or worse, I say.
  2. manjar

    My DOOM Reviews

    First person to write up /newstuff reviews on a regular basis. You listed that there are bosses in particular levels. That IS a spoiler, not to mention it also ruins the element of surprise, that some idiot who had read you review actually knows that there is a boss somewhere in the level(s) that you mentioned. I wish you insanity. Start with origwad and work your way from there. I dare you. Yeah, he's bound to get the attention of at least someone if he does that.
  3. manjar

    My DOOM Reviews

    Are you a tool or something? You posted a list of bosses in Action Doom, yet you just posted about how giving away too many spoilers degrades the fun factor? Man, you're worse than AndrewB, and all he did was pretty much describe the WADs.
  4. manjar

    My DOOM Reviews

    That's a goddamn analysis, not a review. Anyone who actually is a reviewer does not write an entire review as a whole bunch of statistics. Here's some sound advice: Leave it to people who know how to write a review, regardless of their opinion of a WAD.
  5. manjar

    Ralphis,For my sake and your sake.Read this.

    Yeah, you're really going to shape yourself up by asking for DM matches on these forums.