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  1. RagnarRandom


    what emulator should i use to the run this rom? project64 crashes when i boot the rom
  2. RagnarRandom

    Freedoom ost good or bad

    there are several really good songs, and some that aren't so great but i feel that way about the original doom music, too. i don't care for the slow atmospheric crap. gimme fast paced metal-feel and i be happy.
  3. RagnarRandom

    Game Jam for FPS Games

    I'm hosting a game jam for the Easy FPS Editor engine. If anyone has interest in learning the engine, check it out. https://itch.io/jam/unofficial-easy-fps-editor-jam-2
  4. RagnarRandom

    4x Upscale Project

    are you perhaps using noomkrad's sphax model for esrgan? it looks like you might be. that model really does some magic to pixel art.
  5. RagnarRandom

    Blasphemer discussion

    mummq0 to mummw0 (the ghost that rises after killing golem) are still smiley faces in the WAD, but the new images are in the repository.
  6. RagnarRandom

    Blasphemer discussion

    wicked. i go play now.
  7. RagnarRandom

    Blasphemer discussion

    yah i cant get deutex to work for me. it always says wadinfo.txt can't be found but it is right there in the dir that i reference in the iwadpath argument obviously i am doing something wrong
  8. RagnarRandom

    Blasphemer discussion

    is there somewhere with snap builds for blasphemer like there is with freedoom?
  9. RagnarRandom

    Blasphemer discussion

    that harpy looks sweet. every time i play blasphemer i think "the imp should be a harpy not a green booger" i guess i wasn't the only person thinking that. the ogre looks killer too.
  10. RagnarRandom

    Favorite Classic horror movie?

    i was totally obsessed with the Leprechaun movies when i was a kid. "fuck you, luck charms!" i was clearly a dumb kid.
  11. RagnarRandom

    Favorite Classic horror movie?

    Nosferatu. both 1922 and 1979
  12. RagnarRandom

    Magier : Zauberer Continuation Idea

    do your thing.
  13. RagnarRandom

    what is the status of development

    the pr for the version of octo edited by HorrorMovieGuy says there are conflicts, but last activity was 10 days ago, including what appears to be preliminary updating of the entry to manual. i am assuming it is gonna happen, just hasn't been merged for whatever reason. i am not too hip to the intricacies of github tho. i am still all for turning the manc-fleshslime or whatev into the lavamander edit. it looks so cool. also, what about replacing the ss officer (spanish sailor) with an actual enemy and put it in freedoom levels? is there some reason why this would break use for playing community wads? but i am a player of freedoom, not a contributor.
  14. RagnarRandom

    I made a Doom-inspired Retro FPS for a game jam

    im glad it even works in wine cuz i couldnt test it. but yeah the engine only supports windows unfortunately. and thanks for the nice comments
  15. https://ragnarrandom.itch.io/oskfups I used NMN's awesome Doom-like sprites from OpenGameArt. It turned out not terrible....