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  1. Sonikkumania

    WTF Pack collection.

    Distorded audio with warping textures and edited gravity. Fun huh?
  2. They're jamming to Bobby Prince's bgm, it's visible ingame lol.
  3. What factions? Anyway, editing "The Spider Mastermind's death has destroyed the invasion. Hell won't be coming to earth. Daisy was never killed. There was never a need for a sequel so the Doom franchise ceased to exist."
  4. Sonikkumania

    Why is there an explicit condemnation of the 3DO port?

    The ost renditions are praised though.
  5. Sonikkumania

    Favorite jumpscares

    I'm kinda mixed bag.. That one is cooler but Witchaven one is awesome too.
  6. An Lego set of Icon of Sin would be kinda neat.
  7. Sonikkumania

    Favorite jumpscares

  8. Sonikkumania

    Why my opinions are different now.

    That is very debatable.
  9. Sonikkumania

    Unity goes full Unity

    What a bore. I was looking forward to study Unity but what's the point.
  10. Astounishing, Idk Doomworld had that too.
  11. Sonikkumania

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I like Sonic games.
  12. But using a whole forum all alone - now that is interesting. Using the whole forum all alone and larping as other users - THAT is VERY interesting. Long live the Web.
  13. If he's a "Saint" why does he enjoy finding new weapons so much and mows down ex comrades (former humans) with ease :b