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  1. Well when do you think we might expect it, if you're going to make some more changes? I mean it sounds just about done and I, personally, am going to murder someone if I don't get to play this soon, I want it!
  2. Can't go wrong if you take examples from Gears of War for coop
  3. Combustable

    Prince of Tennis DOOM

    Yes, and i'm dissapointed in you
  4. Combustable

    Phocas Island 2... help i'm stuck

    Protip: Shoot the 'Freezer' until it dies. But seriously, where's this man-eating tree?
  5. Combustable

    Doom guy's catch phrases

    Think about a mickey mouse watch and the position of the hands
  6. Combustable

    Doom guy's catch phrases

  7. I could go find all the wads i've finished in my life, but my runs through HRlike wads do stuff to my numbers...
  8. Combustable

    another idea: drunk doom

    Well another thing, you should need to keep drinking, because if you go too long without drinking, it starts to wear off, and you start taking 'hangover damage' knocking off your health. Maybe it's a quest to find a hangover cure so you don't have to suffer when your buzz wears off.
  9. Combustable

    Why is Massmouth walking so slow?

    I imagine a few solutions. Either change back to the old version, change the scripting in massmouth to only change your speed once, or put your speed back up every map. I think you can do that from console, can't you? I don't know scripting.
  10. Combustable

    "HR"-esque Monster Mobs

    I do like HR wads with large amounts of monsters, and creativity alike. Both HR and smaller maps are perfectly enjoyable, but I love the feeling of being pushed into a corner by a neverending wave of monsters and having to dig my way out.
  11. Combustable

    The /newstuff Chronicles #278

    That explains it, thanks, and now I run off to play it immediately
  12. Combustable

    The /newstuff Chronicles #278

    You know, I want to play Mistake, but every time I do, I get the error "Script error, "ANIMDEFS" line 34: Unkown texture fan2" which bothers me. Do I need a specific build of Zdoom to use it, or what?
  13. Combustable

    Ending to the Shores Of Hell

    Do I even need to say it? IMPSE!
  14. Combustable

    DOOM movie action figures ?

    Wow, good thing this is a game from the early 90's! Sorry, couldn't help that one.
  15. Combustable

    Alpha lost soul

    That's not true, because I know i've seen lost souls accidentally attack others before while trying to get me.