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  1. hello

    its me hans

    1. Doomber420


      Hey! Wassup homie?


    2. Project H

      Project H

      not much

  2. Doomber420

    AceCorp Launcher

    how do i apply custom themes?
  3. Hello, doomber420 again! so, new project! D.G.M.A~! enjoy lads. CREDITZ.txt SEZ: CREDITS FOR DGMA... (DoomGuy's Magical Adventures) Weapons: Most are from Realm667. The m60 is Wild Weasles (Graphics: Kronos, Xaser, Lobotomy Software, and Monolith). the others... idk, found them in grezzodue's weapons pk3. I made the dualuzis. The EgoSmasher, The AA12, and some others are modified sprite wise. Sawed off & dual sawedoff's code is modified with some sprites found in doom center b7p. The chainsaw is a modified brtual doom beta chainsaw Casings for guns: Brutal Doom. I guess? Maps: Doom center, Lunatic.wad MAP01 (Not added yet...), and some others. but most of em are made by me. Enemies: Realm667, but a few are from other mods such as Blood Dead On Arrival. Hud: nchud And the graphics are made by me. Im doomdev667, enjoy. Da Mega Link...: https://mega.nz/file/cow1jLJC#A7eeKbvgvC-jhl4dC5smIHv4InKsvtwzswCcdTIT3As
  4. Doomber420


    Is there also one for graphics?
  5. Doomber420


    What is the name of the doom 2 intermission music file? So i can change it to something else of course.
  6. Doomber420

    I need some help!

    Im making a doom mod called double trouble. A class based gameplay mod that uses class tokens and a complex doom like enemy spawner. But i have a BIG problem. Whenever i play as the marine... The weapon spawn is incorrect. Eventhough i made a marine class token and changed the weapon selection numbers, It still spawns the incorrect item. Could ya please help me? (btw i tried getting rid of the replaces for the other classes weapons, i had the same problem but with the other class. The classes are SmileMan and Marine!) DoubleTrouble.zip
  7. Doomber420

    Need Recomendations

    Hey forum! What good doom mods do you recommend? I wanna know. -LT
  8. So, i remember a project brutality 3.0 addon that comes with a bunch of weapon addons, wad and megawads, and mods compatible with pb 3.0. Does anyone know the name of it and can you send me the download link? thanks!
  9. Hello again! I need some help. Im making a wild west mod called True Wild West. True wild west is a tc mod with wild west themed guns and enemies, you fight in a wild western mapset with various enemies to fight against. I need a wild west megawad without custom weapons, Could anyone recommend me some???
  10. Doomber420

    Need Help with sounds

    So im making a mod called smile overkill. It was going to be a tc mod, but i got too distracted with school and things not doom related to make 31 maps. So im working on a demo with 5 maps and making a FAKE version of the mod that is a gameplay mod thats going to T.G.H.T, or the grand masters holy trilogy. I need help with the menu sounds. I got the DSSWITCHN and DSSWITCHX sfx down, but i need the select sound and the scroll sound. Could the doom community help?
  11. Doomber420

    Hello everyone!

    Im making a mod for doom 2 known as SMIL3_OVERK1LL. Im gonna open up a competition for mappers in the doom community to submit maps for SMIL3_OVERK1LL from map 1 to map 32 (excluding map 31) I want a custom map for this mod. I will properly credit everyone who submitted their maps. The deadline is when i release SMIL3_OVERK1LL. submit your maps by email at sm1lemapsubmission1@gmail.com. Thanks 4 read1ng!!!
  12. Doomber420


    I might be doing a project where i restore the weapons from the grezzo due trailer and make them their own addon. If anyone would provide some assistance, i would be happy. I have currently restored the aa12 and the m4. EDIT: te project is called "GREZZODUE: an unused adventure"