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  1. heliumlamb

    I tried TempleOS...

    no side airbags
  2. heliumlamb

    What are you?

    stupid, dipshit, doofus, fool, dumb, unstable, atrocious, Poor Player
  3. heliumlamb

    Thoughts on Starfield?

    daggerfall with guns
  4. re: metroid fps bit - a good chunk of iguana entertainment's team went on to make a literal metroid fps.
  5. heliumlamb

    What Chocolate is Best Chocolate?

    it's the Butyric acid they (hershey's, probably others following suit) put in there because people started to get used to the souring milk they used to make it with, complaining once they started using fresh milk. it's a uhhhh, distinct, recognizable taste. i find 74-78% to be the best range but really anything past 70% cocoa is good ass chocolate. then again, i really like black coffee and unsweetened green tea.
  6. heliumlamb


    This is what happens when i play doom and take deep controlled breaths my heart rate went up to 250 beats per minute but and I saw literally millions of cacodemons all over me and they wouldn't stop bitting me best wad ever
  7. heliumlamb

    Killing Floor 3 has been announced.

    will only consider it if i will be able to play KF3-420-Ganja-Farm-Rerereweeded at some point before the heat death of gaia
  8. heliumlamb

    Who's your favorite villain?

    Todd Rogers
  9. like your Sailor Mars PFP.

  10. heliumlamb

    What is the internet to you nowadays?

    i have been using them for just as long, if not longer. it is very hard to believe that you haven't been advertised to via the internet on a computer's web browser, even with 100% blockrate on a script that makes zero exceptions. the advertisement comes in many forms that aren't banner or video midroll ads. there are many sneaky at best, downright insidious at worst, forms of advertisement on the information superhighway that cannot be blocked out with a script so easily. you might catch it partway through an article's body text when they seem to incessantly sing the praises of a material product without even the slightest criticism, nor disclosure of payment from the providing party. or maybe the IP of some "anonymous" post telling people to die for an oil company lines up with an office that preys on people to get them to do just that. you've probably seen, at the bare minimum, a handful of advertisements in those ten years, without realizing that they were advertisements.
  11. how i feel every single time i boot up eureka


  12. heliumlamb

    Quake II Remastered

    watched a friend play it for a little bit today (currently broke, and previously "i have 3 copies of this on compact disc, why should i ever need to buy it digitally") the motion blur absolutely rules, the only good implementation of that i've *ever* seen. looks straight out of a fragmovie. would love to see a version of action quake 2 easily delivered to the masses through this one day <3
  13. heliumlamb

    Zee or Zed?

    if im talkin to a brit i just say "the last letter of the alphabet" example: The Last Letter Of The Alphabet X Spectrum