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  1. heliumlamb

    What makes 0/10 game? Examples?

    the only truly 0/10 game i've come across was this one called "Man In Red" on a famicom pirate multicart. it was an invader-style shooting game (or true Boomer Shooter) with only 10 stages, and the admittedly well animated UFOs/spacecraft would only move downward more like galaga, despite not firing any projectiles of their own. it takes about 5 minutes with just 0.5 A-presses to clear the game, from title screen and back again, no directional input needed.
  2. heliumlamb

    Thoughts on Dr. Robotnik Ring Racers?

    haven't put loads of time into it but it was the first time i went "yo, this rules" when playing something that could be identified as a "kart racer". feels treasure-esque in a way similar to alien soldier or radiant silvergun, frontloading you with a menagerie of mechanics that will overwhelm a neophyte player, or a player with preconceived expectations for the experience. would still rather sink into wipeout hd, 2097 or ballisticng to scratch the "racing with weapons" itch. but those are, despite outward appearance, explicitly not "kart racers" when in action. i bounced off SRB2 kart after like 30 minutes many years ago for the same reasons i bounce off any and every Jumping Man Kart, and is solely a matter of personal taste. ain't much deeper than that. still think sega am2's approach to racing and driving games is unmatched to this day, and there are distant and vague echoes of it within ring racers.
  3. the arch-vile, to assist in their Sneaky Platinum Extraction (by way of catalytic converter)
  4. heliumlamb

    Games You Have The Most Hours In?

    Ichiro Mihara's Intensive Tetris (Part Two)
  5. heliumlamb

    Classic Roguelike fans - what's your poison?

    dcss and qud are as good as they get imo i recently played a little bit of one of the fushigi no dungeon games (shiren the wanderer on vita) for the first time and was honestly surprised to find that it's more of a game like Rogue (1980) than at least 95% of the software claiming to be a game like Rogue (1980) in the current day. sure it doesn't control like the text editor vi, and it has very fancy and comprehensive tileset but it's legit as far as i'm concerned. very good to play on the go.
  6. heliumlamb

    Things about non-Doom video games you just found out

    i'm wondering if there's a way to check the date of manufacture?? i haven't needed to open mine up as it's a very, very reliable system ime. semi related to this: the 8-bit nintendo home console hardware specification, in all its forms - official, unofficial, disguised plug&play home systems without ROM interchangeability - has not gone a single year since 1983 without a piece of newly developed software being released for it.
  7. heliumlamb

    Obscure Games That Deserve More Attention?

    exchanger is absolutely insane imo, with a ridiculous pace that rivals TGM in 20g imo. it doesn't have an autoshift, not even on the ps1 conversion, so every sideways movement has be be input individually, get ready to tear up some levers. unfortunately FACE got sued into into nonexistence by data east because it can be perceived as an unashamed clone of magical drop. i honestly think it's leagues better than magical drop and more of an iterative evolution, like magical drop meets a number combining puzzle like 2048 (it's better than both) but i'm not versed at all in JP copyright stuff let alone united states copyright stuff. also recommend toaplan's teki paki for an interesting falling block puzzler that is more about matching colors than clearing lines. as well as cave's puzzle uo poko and puzzle! mushihimetama for some devious single-input color-matching puzzle games, they play more like a parabolic puzzle bobble with the field coming up from the bottom, and the balls effected by gravity. seeing reco joyously hug the bugs that you rescue in mushihimetama makes me feel emotions that people like neil druckmann and david cage will spend the rest of their careers trying and failing to do.
  8. heliumlamb

    Obscure Games That Deserve More Attention?

    i am a normal human who has, so far, exchanged at least 15 united states dollars for 30 credits of Money Puzzle Exchanger. (many more credits have been played elsewhere, where i have not inserted the money. my deepest apologies, sakura....). solo play only babey. as mightdealer when i want to assert my dominance to all the non-money puzzle exchanger-playing patrons of the space as Note Bank cackles through the Stereo-Of-The-Art sound coming from above astro city's monitor.
  9. either as a hobby or as a profession? which demon would be the most efficient at it it? the archvile seems like they would steal catalytic converters as a profession, i don't trust anything that has a laugh like that. while the imp would probably just steal catalytic converters for fun, but might need some assistance from a few friends, imp or otherwise. as far as i can tell, the cacodemon is exempt from such an activity, as they would have a hard time fitting under the vehicle. but their exemption status is mostly because they do not have any hands to assist in activities like opening doors or stealing catalytic converters, although a bite might suffice for catalytic converter removal.
  10. heliumlamb

    St. Anger isn't bad

    since our supernatural spore-sprout friend has mentioned myspace this's been bothering me like mad!!! anybody remember some metallica cover band from the myspace days that ONLY did saint anger covers?? it was definitely an over the top, piss-take sorta take on it. some would call it Ironic if they come from/have distant influence from a particular english speaking wakaba image board that will remain unnamed. i never really listened to saint anger other than to induce a particular joyous emotion, one of the furthest from anger one could be. maybe revisit it once every handful of years as metallica ain't something i'm always itching to listen to (this is one of the angry guitar music alltimers imo, pure michigan baby!). but, every once in a while i the title track come to the forefront of my mind, but the ethereal brain-sound of it for me is not recalled as what the band metallica had recorded. the goofy myspace saint anger cover band is what comes to mind. it sounded spot on, but definitely not 100% the same - the difference between the two was roughly akin to the difference between the steamhammer and metal blade mixes of sodom's obsessed by cruelty, despite being having zero members in common with metallica. if i remember correctly, the cover band's profile pic on myspace might have been a rather vulgar and juvenile mspaint edit of the original's art. this is a completely earnest post, as every single darn time that song returns to my brain, it comes in the form of that stupid, honestly just a teeny bit mean-spirited take tribute to the sound of that album. does this belong in one of those "lost media" threads? to speak without disparagement towards saint anger: the snare is genuinely my favorite part of it. the hollow and clunky way to set up a typical snare drum, often compared with a mean spirit to that of a "trash can", can be done with astounding results. in the case of saint anger, it is way too gosh darn high in the mix. the way that snare is mixed is empirical evidence for the benefits of using hearing protection. hearing protection is very important when you're subjecting them all sorts of audio undergoing intense powered amplification or loud acoustics on an even semi-regular basis.
  11. i am always fascinated to see people equating arcade design principles with unfairness. i can understand why people may have the knee-jerk "this game is a shitload of fuck!" reaction to getting absolutely bodied by a tough game, particularly if they're more accustomed to cinema-inspired home console design principles, especially from PS2 era onward. the efficient delivery of 100% dense video game in 5-40 minute intervals has, for the most part, become a lost art with the endangerment of public spaces to play (and often fail at) skill-based video games housed in industrial-grade machines on a per-credit basis. in such an environment, the time a player spends on a machine is minimized by design, dependent on player skill and/or game design. eg: the outrun 2 special tours timer will not go over 5 minutes and 30 seconds, crossing the finish line in daytona usa's dinosaur canyon happens in around 4 minutes, and most shooting games take an average of 30 minutes to clear/loop. even more egregious is when folks jump to decrying all arcade games as mindless, anything that your mind is put toward is by its very nature not "mindless". some are genuinely poorly designed however, but even the most cruel/undercooked of video arcade games still have to retain some element of skill-based play in order to distinguish themselves from their highly-regulated immoral, chainsmoking, whiskey snorting uncle. if you want to look at genuinely mindless and unfair "quarter munchers" where skill is not requisite for success, look at most ticket redemption games, coin pushers, pre-flipper pinball tables or literal slot machines. only person i've ever seen 1CC multiple slot machines was Dougie from Twin Peaks: The Return, and even then it was not without some sort of assistance (call for help). so, go ahead and put/keep me on your "bozo" "doofus" contrarian shitlist for this if you so desire, but i feel a video's game is at its most unfair when it makes itself easier and trivializes its difficulty after repeat failure states. wii(u)/(3)ds era nintendo was the worst about this, in my experience, with their New Jumping Man Siblings and Jumping Man 3D World/Land games in particular. let my failures be my failures, something to learn from! even games that balance themselves against the player for doing well (yagawa my beloved) are still fair in their own way, often with a completion state that is acquired through obtaining skill and knowledge (which is often obtained through failure). as the cart for the shitty NES euro-port of toaplan's sky shark reads, "Nobody Ever Said It Would Be Easy".
  12. heliumlamb

    Games too scary you can’t play..

    Tetris The Grand Master 3: Terror Instinct
  13. heliumlamb

    Need your thoughts on System Shock 1994

    must be played with some sort of four operator frequency modulation synthesis chip mouselook and GM soundbanks kill the tone in a way that has irrevocably harmed the current-day perception of it. and, to consider it a first person shooter ahead of anything else (namely, a real time dungeon crawler not unlike ultima underworld or eye of the beholder, but without any of the role-playing-game spreadsheets and rolls) is doing it a disservice. it is a near-perfect player-disrespecting, directionless dungeon isolate. its only contemporaries imo wouldn't come until a few months later, with the first 2 programs released by From Software for something that wasn't japan's agricultural industry. re: controls. if you've used WASD, you can use SZXC the only reason one should play it outside of the dos exe is if you don't want to crash when occasionally leaving map markers.