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  1. Ret

    Fireball trails

  2. Ret

    Fireball trails

    Oh yes, the spawning, i will try it later, but in the meantime, thank you for telling me about it!
  3. Ret

    Fireball trails

    I was wondering if, just like how in GzDoom you can enable an option to add smoke to the rocket projectile, or also (without having to enable that) the Revenant (guided) missile, how can i also add thlse to a custom projectile? Let's say for example, i want to add puff smokes (which will have a different look to not be the puff smoke from Doom) summoning behind a fireball, how do i do it? If you didn't understand anything tell me in the comments! I don't know how to explain well, less if it's in english.
  4. Ret

    Caco Juice Art

    While i was scrolling around my Ibis Paint X gallery, i found this old draw i made 1 or 2 years ago. Anyone want some delicious cacodemon juice?
  5. Ret


    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BEFORE STARTING TO READ: Just to make sure i dont get another reply from a mod, im going to be using ONLY this topic. The reason of why i made 3 separate topics is because im new in this site and i didnt know how this thing worked, apologies for the making of separate topics. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now... i said that i cancelled the game, but ignore that, im going to continue it, i will not give up just because i accidently slipped and deleted it, i will continue it even if it takes years (just maybe, MAYBE some years, but not DNF levels of "When its done"). 24/5/2022 So, i will do the first map, textures, some of the graphics and the text language lumps, AGAIN. So it will take some days, weeks or months before a new preview comes out, because im also having problems with school's perfomance. So yeah, before leaving i will leave this draw i made fast for fun. See ya in whatever day i will come back.
  6. "What the frick is DoomRet?" You may have asked, here is the answer: Its a Doom 2 mod made which i started its development in mid 2020 about a guy named Ret stopping a furry alien invasion. From the beginning there were already some problems with the wad itself, which led to many stopping and resuming the project, but some minutes ago at the time this post was published, i decided to abandon it. Why? Because its like the 5th or 4th time something happens, and its was by accident! Turns out i was casually checking the Doom folder, and i find some useless files on it, so i decided to delete them, but!, DoomRet.wad was below those files, my blind eyes accidently selected the wad and deleted them permanently. After i realised what just happened, i got angry, imagine, my wad that i was slowly but happily making got accidently deleted because of a slippery!. I cant resume it again, it keep happening, again, again, AGAIN... *sigh* i just cant.
  7. As the topic name says, it doesnt go into details about how much it was added, just a little test map. https://youtu.be/T9cw4nEAy28 Although im going to tell what was added: -Custom Pistol/Fake ToyGun sprites -Seeking/ACT Sound effect (not in the video) -Test Map (maybe map30 in the future) -New textures (such as metals, and an updated building texture) And probably more that i forgot. (Below is an unfinished of the new startup screen. There were at least 2, one with a warning about the game's lore and how its not serious, and the other one with a useless age classification)
  8. Ret

    How exactly i make dialogues

    Okay, thanks for the clarification. :)
  9. Ret

    How exactly i make dialogues

    I have a question, does the lump that contains the conversations needs to have a specific name (like other lumps with text languages do), or i can just leave it with any name.
  10. I want someone to make it clear for me: How to do a dialogue? Which is the best/ideal format How? Did i mention how? I have been searching tutorials for like an hour and none of them worked for me.
  11. Hello this is Ret, and some minutes ago ive just uploaded on youtube the second preview of my mod, DoomRet. You can find the first on my first post or checking my youtube channel. Link of the video: (Below is an image of Ret's TV showing the transmition(? Of the famous parody show, Meatball News, that was added later, because i specified on the video that the gameplay footage is a bit old)
  12. This is a question for, again, my doom mod. So, during school i was drawing a concept of the e1 intermission screen, however while i was drawing i had a question in my head: Is there any way to change the position of the You Are Here sprite? (Attached below the concept art if you wanted to know how it looked like)
  13. Ret

    How to change message strings

    Alright, im going to check it later (Haha, that is the protagonist of DoomRet)
  14. Hello its me, so this question is because i am doing a total conversion mod of Doom 2 (DoomRet), and besides the quit strings which i used DEH to modify, how can i edit the other ones? Such as: death, pickup or intermission messages.
  15. Ret

    How to make/edit ANSI text files

    Ok, thanks, i'm gonna check it.