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Everything posted by kstr

  1. kstr

    Archvile drawing

    Very good stuff, keep up the good work ;)
  2. kstr

    Come On England!

    Just posting to say good luck to the lads b4 the match! GOOD LUCK!
  3. kstr

    Come On England!

    If you said that to your average english youth you'd most probably be beaten up.
  4. kstr

    Come On England!

    England lost, seven days of depression for me :'(
  5. kstr

    Testsuo - Akira

    Just thought i'd post a sketch i did ages ago: Please feel free to post any other related sketches ;)
  6. kstr

    Testsuo - Akira

    sorry peeps, my first fanart post :S
  7. kstr

    Testsuo - Akira

    Yeah, did it when i was about 15, unluckily the comic was in spanish so never actually read it :S
  8. kstr

    Doom Bible /Half Life

    Just shut up tbh
  9. kstr

    Hm, yet another sketch...

    Looks good, with a bit of shading or a bit of colour, you could have a really nice pic there
  10. kstr

    Art contest 7 voting (again)

    i like the bluesonnet one, the marine looks like he really wants to kick some arse and the punching through the shows it, but both pics are both worthy of a win.
  11. Yo just to say hi, i'm ur friendly neighbourhood kstr, glad to meet you all :D

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    2. Epyo


      she, he, or it?

    3. kstr


      i think Ladyboy is the correct term

      jk, i am a he and proud :P

    4. BlueSonnet


      Ultraviolet said:

      Whoa, was this originally posted in blogs? Could it be that we have here an intelligent newbie?

      Since he's my buddy in real life i told him that it was best to post it here.