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  1. Doom Wads

    Hot Dogs

  2. Doom Wads

    Crispy Chicken Speedmap [9 maps in MBF21]

    Wow, that was awesome! Good times
  3. My map 232 "Dependency Injection". It was fun time, I hope you like it guys
  4. Doom Wads

    What is your favorite types of Maps ?

    Like not big maps, about 10 minutes of gameplay, mostly technobases hehe. Love when author try to do some experiments in the map, maybe some new kind of gameplay or interesting gimmick. And I really hate mandatory long platforming sections. I even love grind type wads from time to time. That's why I beat half of Grindfest.
  5. Congrats on your first doom map! I'll check it out as soon as possible and I hope it's not the last one. Maybe we will see megawad one day :)
  6. Damn, great! Thanks you for the good maps. That was very fun to play, especially slaughter parts. There is no place where I lost, good progression. Awesome job, I hope you don't stop and keep doing next episodes :)
  7. Doom Wads

    [Boom] Alpha Sector, mini PWAD map set, 4 maps

    I beat this mapset right now and I have to say that was great! I want to play more :) It was not too difficult, maybe in few places a little bit, I like this kind of gameplay. Great level design and layout. Quite pleasant to play when you have enough ammo. Keep it up! Wanna see more maps like this
  8. Well done, Shiroi. It was great. I have to say that it was more than a map, it's like an adventure that ends like AAA game. Keep it up!
  9. I've been destroyed here many times, haha :D Great map, as usual!
  10. Doom Wads

    minimap theme "Quake"

    Damn, good mapset. Keep it going! I hope to see megawad whit maps like that :)
  11. Best thing to happen recently, amazing job! I was glad to test this project. Really unique and varied maps. Thanks Clippy! Looking forward to next project and hope you will win a Cacoward.
  12. Great episode, especially map28. A very interesting map with an excellent design. Keep going, maps get better with each episode!
  13. Very fun map, Clippy. Thanks!