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  1. whatgoat

    Doom Voxel Project

    Shotguns, super and otherwise. The shotgun was easy, but the ssg required some fiddling as a lot of the pickup sprites look like they were drawn by M.C. Escher himself (especially the chaingun).
  2. whatgoat

    Origin of your username

    I chose two words. Then I changed one of them to 'doom' after my email registration failed, eight times. I still use whatgoat everywhere else though. And I don't know what the odd capitalisation is for, I was probably pissed.
  3. whatgoat

    Quake 4 - ARGH

    I liked the old iron maiden better, the new one lacks the orgasmic squeal when firing. I assume 'blue rockets' refers to the floating tank guys that fire incredibly slow homing missiles at you, and also have a kind of mini hyperblaster. I didn't find them that bad as long as you stay in cover, and then charge at them with the shotgun or something, then hide again. There isn't a single situation in the game where you meet one without adequate cover. The bit at the end where you fight 3 at once is kind of annoying, though. Having only played on lieutenant I can understand some of these points, although I'm not sure how they apply to lower difficulty settings. A single shot from a tactical's hyperblaster does around 50 damage without armour. The explosive weapons just don't seem to do as much damage as any of the others, except to you, and the rocket launcher's mod is entirely useless since you have to stand out in plain view of the target to guide the rockets. I actually found the nailgun very useful with the lock on mod, but you can also kill yourself in less than a second by accidentally strafing behind a crate or something while firing it. The only issue I have with the berserkers is that their blade arm seems to have a ten-foot invisible spike on the end which can hit you from the other side of the room. Other than that, they aren't too difficult to take down with a few shotgun blasts or repeated bullets in the face. Also, I think the network guardian must be the easiest boss fight in fps history.
  4. whatgoat


    "How can a person look like a shit? It's impossible."
  5. whatgoat

    Anybody play Jk2/Jk3 here?

    Perhaps not.
  6. whatgoat

    Anybody play Jk2/Jk3 here?

    That skin you use is an abomination. Kyle Katarn's model, with the Q3 bitterman skin (complete with pain elemental mouth) crudely stretched over it. And Gork's sound effects. Though at least it's better than that horrible, twisted 'The Thing' reject that occurred when you tried to use Gork's mesh in multiplayer. Ralphis: You will no doubt be pleased to learn that JKII does not require a cdkey at all, making it entirely possible to go out and legally purchase a legitimate copy from Activision as any sensible hard working citizen clearly would.
  7. whatgoat

    Doom Crossover Contest! Win a Prize!

  8. whatgoat

    The EU

    Quite apart from all the idiotic laws, I don't think there are (as yet) any good economic reasons to be in europe. All members have to pay a percentage toward the EU budget (Britain's net contrubution last year for example was around £5 billion), and the 'poorer' countries such as portugal, greece, belgium and spain recieve a larger percentage rebate, making some small net profit. The more countries continue to join, the greater the drain on the stronger economies of germany, france, italy and the uk. It's not quite clear what we're currently getting for our £5bn apart from screwed over by the eu commission. PS: Spain repays us by taking the fish from british waters, having completely exhausted their own, and selling them back to us because the EU says we're not allowed to fish in our own waters thanks to their 'total allowable catch', which limits the number of fish which can be caught (by anyone) for some bullshit conservation reasons. I fail to see how pulling the fish out of the water, then having to throw half of them back dead because you've got 'too many' helps conserve stocks. And that's why we don't have much of a fishing industry any more.
  9. whatgoat

    Need a name for my mod's HERO

    Baron Horatio Cuntington-Flange the third.
  10. whatgoat

    Report paranormal stuff here

    Now to turn off clipping and investigate further. [EDIT] http://www.zen32541.zen.co.uk/hmm1.jpg http://www.zen32541.zen.co.uk/hmm2.jpg
  11. whatgoat

    Removing the Monitor Case?

    Then submerge both yourself and the monitor in water, as this will help cool it down.
  12. whatgoat

    Removing the Monitor Case?

    Actually it's the current I(amps) that kills, watts are simply the unit of power (V x I).
  13. whatgoat

    Removing the Monitor Case?

    Depends how much of a hurry you're in I suppose.
  14. whatgoat

    Removing the Monitor Case?

    I did that a while ago. It was moderately successful until I ran out of Ford Sierra metallic cobalt blue. Just make sure you mask off the tube and the pcbs with something. I can't remember why I did it, but I think it involved a northener with a funny shaped head.
  15. whatgoat

    Jesus' Existene [WARNING: REHASH]