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  1. Wyrmwood

    Pistol vs Chaingun

    Well although the chaingun is clearly better, if you are pistol starting, the pistol is always useful until you actually find a chaingun. I do like improved pistol's in stuff like Supercharge maps though, I like using handguns in game's and Doom's vanilla one is not the most satisfying, it simply serve's it's purpose. I loved the one in Doom16 though.
  2. Tried playing ARMA 3 with friends and found out I really suck at realistic. Not a huge fan of military shooters but I do like stuff like Sniper Elite, Medal of Honour and Crysis. As long as its fun I guess.
  3. I read a fair bit but pretty much all fiction, mostly sci-fi and fantasy. Might make an exception here, don't think I have ever read an autobiography before.
  4. Wyrmwood

    Most stressful puzzle in a game?

    Definitely not the worst but my most memorable is when I spent several days running around the Spencer mansion in the OG Resisident Evil. Knew I needed one more crest, couldn't find it anywhere and the only other puzzle that remained was finding a use to the book I'd left in the chest. I'd examined it of course, even spun it round to check the back. Somehow never occurred to me to examine it from the side (even though, yeah, that's how you open a book). Massive head-slap when I eventually figured it out, wasn't just me though, several friends had been watching me play and helping with the puzzles. I kinda miss that sort of thing, it's too easy to go "maybe it's a bug, I'd better check online" after getting stuck these days. Not an option for me in 95 though.
  5. Wyrmwood

    Is DOOM 2 meant to be played continuously?

    Probably, but I pistol start anyway. Tried both but pistol starting is liberating, not having to worry about stockpiling or leaving behind health to top up before the exit. Give's the game more of a survival horror aspect I enjoy too.
  6. Wyrmwood

    Do you care about getting good at Doom?

    No, although I had to improve just to be able to play many pwads. Just got better naturally through playing though, to begin with I didn't make it past 5-6 maps into many mapsets but eventually improved until I could finish some, initially I was jumping around been wads a lot. For the most part these days I can finish a reasonable amount of wads I try although there's still plenty of stuff above my skill level. I still play mostly on HMP, only pick UV for stuff I re-play.
  7. Wyrmwood

    Destructoid rank Doom games

    Yeah I agree, if someone likes Doom Eternal best that's fine, they are of course entitled to their opinion. It wasn't the rankings that got me as riled as much as the overall writing, the inclusion of Sigil as a game (with incorrect info, I don't recall any new guns or enemies) while failing to mention pwads for Doom/Doom2 but the real biggie was putting a mod for Doom at no.3 when they ranked the actual games at no.9 and 10. It's a lazy filler piece but they could of a least put some effort in and gave the job to a journalist that at least knew what they were talking about.
  8. Wyrmwood

    Destructoid rank Doom games

    https://www.destructoid.com/best-doom-games-ranked/ Sure you guys would love to find out the actual best Doom games ranked (according to an asshole who doesn't sound like he's played them). The worst piece of trash journalism I've come across for a while.
  9. Well Robert Rodriguez made Dusk till Dawn then followed it with Spy Kids. The thing that gets me most is that Danny Trejo's character in that kids movie is the same character he plays in the ultra-violent Machete films.
  10. Wyrmwood

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Exactly how I read it too, they both even mention Shining Force, even though Azuris referred to it as a Fire Emblem-like, its obvious what they meant. The whole console war thing was stupid, especially given the consoles them-selves were relatively cheap. Better to own both, the SNES was admittedly my favourite but only an idiot could discount the entire Megadrive catalog.
  11. Wyrmwood

    Duke Nukem Evercade Release

    Like many it seems, I'd never heard of Evercade. After googling, although I'm not tempted to buy one, I am impressed by some of the collections they have on cart, Gremlin games, Oliver Twins and so forth. The console seems fully legit, they must of spent some time tracking the owners of these games to license them all. Also while googling I noticed a few news articles about Evercade apologising over "AI art blunder". At least its still obvious at the moment, in the future they might get away with shit like this.
  12. Wyrmwood

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Sure definitely, although that's actually one of the things I'm liking about the re-make, apart from the run through the streets part it doesn't throw horde's at you. Seems to be around the same amount of enemies only they are much more resilient and dangerous to account for the fact you have much easier to use controls this time around. Resi 5 is one of my all time favourite action games, especially the sieges but its never scary, unlike this one, even a lone zombie can be a threat if your not prepared.
  13. Wyrmwood

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Yeah playing through Leon's story just last night, games actually much more faithful to the OG game than I expected, thought it would be more like 4-6 (not a bad thing either of course) but ended up very impressed. I love that its still set in the 90's too. I wouldn't mind replaying the original on an emulator sometime too, not played since 98 so it would be cool to spot the differences. It's a shame Capcom didn't include it in the game (maybe it's an unlockable, I've not checked). Did you play on hard-core mode? Seemed from the choices this was more the classic 98 difficulty but got to admit I am struggling for ammo now despite playing quite carefully. Hope I've not backed myself into a corner but if I have to re-start I'm not too far in (little past the first boss, with the big eye growing out his shoulder).
  14. Wyrmwood

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    I know it's really old and probably was pretty good for its day but I couldn't even finish it, stopped at map 6 so never got to that exciting two Baron fight. I found it completely boring, mowing down tons of low tier enemies with no challenge whatsoever, just wait till they walk through a door. The authors read-me file which declared "this a good mapset, not crap everyone else makes" kinda made me want to not like it too. He may of actually been close to the truth in 95 or whenever it released but that's still some major arrogance. On a bit of a Warhammer kick right now, playing Boltgun, Gladius and Inquisitor. Oh and Pokémon Heart Gold on my DS, after playing some of Sword/Shield with my son it's amazing how much better and harder the older games were, the new games have so much QoL stuff it's taken all the challenge out.
  15. Wyrmwood

    Discussion about the Fallout games

    Was it one of their free games? Its always at a low sale price on Steam or GOG, its nice to get free things but the games well worth even full asking. GOG's your best bet I'd say, heard its the most stable release so I re-bought that version a few years back.