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    Deluge [GZDoom] [Standalone]

    Synopsys: Constructed during the 23rd century, the city of Bacillus was a bustling metropolis and one of civilization's greatest havens from climate disaster. After an unusual asteroid was discovered drifting near Earth, the asteroid mining facility located on the Moon began investigating further. A mysterious alien organism was found contained within and began to spread uncontrollably after being brought back to Earth. Fusing with technology and devouring all life in its path, it began to create its own hostile ecosystems. With every other option exhausted, humanity transformed the city into a fortress and waited out its final days. Awakening from a deep cryogenic slumber, you find yourself lost in the underbelly of Bacillus City. In order to survive you'll need to fight your way through the twisted environments inhabiting the ruins above. Scavenge for resources hidden in its crevices and explore its many streets and industries as you trek deeper into the nightmare. Along your journey you'll acquire unique weapons and abilities to help you tackle the horrors throughout. What secrets might lie within the city's shadows? Deluge is a stand-alone title created using the flexible GZDoom engine. Powered by the ZScript gaming language, it requires no custom launcher and can be used with any modern version of GZDoom (minimum version 4.8). No other WAD is needed to play. Screenshots: Development showcases: Social Media: Floodgate Arts Twitter Floodgate Arts YouTube Deluge ModDB Floodgate Arts Discord