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    Doom is a real thing haha

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  1. Frost-Core

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I swallow gum
  2. It was kinda nice man, i had alot of fun playtesting and finding secrets, could have been the best doom moment in my life!
  3. Frost-Core

    ENDOOM Appreciation Thread

    best one so far
  4. While we are in the final phase of making this wad, i suggest we should think about midis, how about onestop.mid for the endgame music?
  5. As most of you may already know, id Software has given permission to release the betas and alphas, However, i would love to see the glourious floppies of these, as originally released by id, anybody know what had happened?
  6. Frost-Core

    A Response To Arturo's Statements

    Reading that thread title made me respond to you with one sentence : Stop trying to make yourself worse than everyone, every single human is the same, so please remember this : Keep up the work you've done, you are greater than you think you are, judging yourself is a very bad thing to do.
  7. Frost-Core

    GTA 6 Just Got Leaked

    This build is confirmed now (read that above post) i feel like this build is earlier than the probably current build, so many placeholder models, debugging parameters, etc... i'm questioning if a build was compiled without the debug parameters, when i first watched the video those debugging params almost got me to think that this is fake as the leaker is probably trying to make people believe that this is a special hackerman company only build Can't wait till the same guy leaks DOOM 7!
  8. Frost-Core

    GTA 6 Just Got Leaked

    I'm not a gta fan at all, so this isn't big news for me, also, i found out about the leak through betaarchive's staff account, and, its probably fake, i guess if this is not real then its just another fake to ignore, if it is real though,man i never thought that they were working on the sixth game
  9. DOOM95 on the windows 98 se vm works! Works Now!, idk how, just messed around with some settings, and boom, it works! :


    Though you need to use keyboard turning as the mouse is broken in game, here is the epic desktop! :



  10. Just found out about your Deimos Anomaly wad, DOS is not scary, if you use dosbox you can get doom in seconds, or use dosbox-x , a fork which makes it run actual dos

    1. Codename_Delta


      eh, it's scary to me because I have to type cryptic shit, and choco does the same thing except with usable controls.

  11. Feel like this map fits E2M4's music, also nice job detailing!