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  1. The one that goes to the pinky and imp room? am i missing something?
  2. Well, the teleporter does not work.
  3. A CP is a Community Project. heheh
  4. its coming to an end right now. so why not do something else?
  5. Sorry for not putting it, its now fixed :)
  6. Which means i have to crush a voodoo doll on a type 11 sector at the end of my map or add a gate.
  7. You can choose whatever theme, however play the map that comes after yours and add a effect, e.g i have a techbase map i have to add at the end a gate, because the next map is a hell map.
  8. I put it there, can't see it?
  9. Note that for the guy who choses E1M3 make sure to add the secret exit.