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  1. LSC Lasico

    Box Doom - Community Project [Slots Filled]

    @Halfblind if it wouldnt be too much of a trouble, please rename box 77 "Amania protactorate" into "Amania anomaly", I just changed my mind on the name.
  2. LSC Lasico


    I would
  3. LSC Lasico


    Just google it. I searched up "rootpain.wad download" on duckduckgo and the very furst link is the wad site with the wad download. I would send it here myself, but I noticed that the general consensus is that I shouldnt do that.
  4. LSC Lasico

    Box Doom - Community Project [Slots Filled]

    Is it the most recent version that I pksted just 6 hours ago?
  5. LSC Lasico

    Box Doom - Community Project [Slots Filled]

    I have updated mu submission. Fixed some of the more glaring issues misalignments and texture errors (occasionally creatively). My previous wishes to how this map is compiled still remain.Template.wad.zip
  6. Here's a rule of thumb for my maps: I am VERY anal about any and all visual glitches or imperfections in my maps. So if you see one, that means I probably saw it, thought it was cool and left it in there deliberately. This map has a ton of them. The most interesting instance of this, is the black heart shape you can see in the sky if you look in the right direction. Originally, it was just a random shape that I copypasted there as part of developing the ring trial, then I simply forgot to remove it. When I noticed it, I considered removing it, but then I thought "hmm, wouldnt that be neat if it was a heart in the sky?" So I changed it up so now you can see the heart in the sky.
  7. LSC Lasico

    Box Doom - Community Project [Slots Filled]

    I have finished my submission and now am sending in here. Kinda got lazy at the end, so expect a decrease in quality of decorations at one point. Now, a couple of points that I want add addessed to whoever will compile the map @randomsounds01 @Halfblind. 1) at the start of the map is a giant stash of every weapon and every ammo. This stash is only here for playtesting purposes. Please remove it once these three boxes are inserted into the wad. 2) As you can see, this file includes the previous box made by @DoomGappy and the next box made by @crug . I included them here so I could make a seamless transiotion between the boxes. Please connect those submissions with mine in the exact same way I did here. Thats about it. Names: 1st box: Amania Volcano 2nd box: Amania research complex 3rd box: Amania protectorate. Template.wad.zip
  8. Hello everyone! If I can count correctly, this is supposed to be the second map I ever announced as a separate post. IWAD: doom 2 Recommended port: nugget doom tested with: nugget doom, gzdoom. Compatibility: either boom or mbf21 (this map sat on my shelf for so long that I forgot which complevel it is specifically :skull:) No jumping, crouching or freelook allowed (unless you do, in which case i cant stop you). Save scumming is rewarded (the map is borderline impossible without it for me). No screenshots, since the map is fairly short, and any shot will be a massive spoiler for the map, relative to it's playtime. This map pretty much requires foresight. So, when you play it for the first time, dont play it with the intent to "beat" it. Because if you dont know where to go, you might finds yoursel fighting 100+ hellknights and barons with only a shotgun with 8 shells and a chaingun with 80 bullets. Compared to how you can tackle that encounter with the entire arsenal equipped if you do all the trials before that one in specific. So, kind of a small backstory, I originally intended this map to be a part of a speedmapping project called afternoon, which was hosted by @Ludi. That was this map's purpose. However, for reasons that will become blatantly obvious once you play this map, it was rejected. Therefore, this map lost its purpose. And for me, any map of mine that has no purpose is a map of mine that should not exist and is an absolute failure on all fronts. After contemplating just deleting it outright, I patched it up and now released it here for your displeasure/pleasure (in my case, it is pleasure, since I make maps that I, myself, enjoy, so no map of mine is a map I wont enjoy by the very definition). So yeah, thats about it. LIGHTHOUSE.wad.zip
  9. LSC Lasico

    Box Doom - Community Project [Slots Filled]

    @Halfblind regarding your player start 1 question: the engine decides which one to use based on the most recently placed one. So after compiling the map, just delete the real player start and place it again on the same spot. That should do it.
  10. I usually dont judge an album by it's cover. I see (get recommended) an album - I listen to a couple song and then decide from there. But I dunno, that may be just me.
  11. LSC Lasico

    Box Doom - Community Project [Slots Filled]

    I have finished my first box, a third of the second and two thirds of the third. I am posting this as a confirmation that I am alive and doing stuff for this. Since this is an unfinished wip, some parts are very unpolished. Visual imperfections are guaranteed. Template.wad.zip
  12. LSC Lasico

    The Dean of Doom series (companion thread)

    My whole room is filled with it for this reason. And I am not joking,
  13. LSC Lasico

    The Dean of Doom series (companion thread)

    Point proven
  14. LSC Lasico

    The Dean of Doom series (companion thread)

    i would like to preface this by saying that I actually like 90's wads and their brands of gameplay, however I still disagree with sone things that endless said. It is an important age, yet it shouldn't be something sacred or immune from negativity. Being important and being garbage are two completely unrelated things. As such, calling it garbage is, in my opinion, is warranted if the person genuinely dislikes that period. Different people - different tastes, and it the person in question acknowledges that, it shouldnt be particularly frowned upon or considered strong. Doom itself disproves this. The game came out all the way back in 1994 (or 1995? I forgot) yet it still holds up amazingly with modern releases with it's tight gameplay and a pretty unique and recognizable art style. Multiple arcade games came out before doom that are still recognized and beloved, with fanbases on par with modern releases. If a media is good, it won't age. Doom is proof that and it alone puts the "historical context" argument into question. Bear in mind: Id had even less tools than classic mappers (although arguably more manpower) I dont mind people having revernce for these wads. In fact, endless' bullet list is all good reasons for liking them, but the rest of the message is filled with holes in the argument in my opinion.