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  1. Mormegil

    controller setup

    Forward: W Backward: S Step left: A Step right: D Jump: Space Crouch: Left shift Walk/Run: Left control Reload: R Drop weapon: G Use item: E(If there's not any function like lean) Map or Info: Tab Shoot: Mouse 1 Alt. Weapon option: Mouse 2 Any special functions: Q, Z, X, and C
  2. Mormegil

    Plasma Gun

    More accuracy? I think everyone will agree with me when I say that id is more concerned with taking care of IMPORTANT matters.
  3. Mormegil

    Paul Jaquays leaves id.

    Whoops, sorry, I don't know how to make that a clickable link. But don't get flustered if you're too lazy to C&P that into the url box.
  4. Mormegil

    Paul Jaquays leaves id.

    http://finger.planetquake.com/plan.asp?userid=paulj&id=15908 I know it's not really Doom 3-related, but him leaving does affect the game. That makes me wonder how much of the level design has been done.
  5. Mormegil

    Crosshairs: floating or rigid?

    A lot of people will still want crosshairs, but how about adding a Flashpoint-style weapon mode? Using the ironsights for conventional weapons, and the equivalent of an ironsight for the more futuristic weapons.
  6. Mormegil

    Kreed Tech Demo

    No, it falls over, then it disappears.
  7. Mormegil

    Kreed Tech Demo

    I didn't notice anything like that. I was lucky to even kill one of the things before I was killed. Although the one that I did manage to kill just disappeared.
  8. Mormegil

    Kreed Tech Demo

    Yeah, the lighting does a decent job of contributing to the atmosphere. There's a few places where there's something like a rotating fan with the shadow being casted realistically, but they didn't seem so fantastic(and probably because I've been spoiled by the Doom lighting). All-in-all, the pixel/vertex shaders and the dynamic lighting serve their purpose.
  9. Mormegil

    Kreed Tech Demo

    The demo is screwed up. Sometimes I'd take damage very rapidly while being hit, while other times it'd take several seconds of the monster swinging at me before it'd register a hit, which are in 20 hit point amounts, btw.
  10. Mormegil

    Kreed Tech Demo

    I played it. It lags kinda bad on my system - Athlon 1.2, 256 MB DDR, GF3. And the enemies don't respond to damage. After hacking the hell out of one with the knife for a long, long time it finally fell over. Also, sometimes I'll suddenly fall through the floor and plummet through space, then fall back through the roof and land where I was. Of course the graphics are impressive, but when I shot a grenade from the gun, it created a cloud of smoke around the monster and it made the monster look terrible. I might be hearing things, but I swear the firing of the gun sounds like the Q3 shotgun.
  11. Mormegil

    Mod-making limitations and more light questions.

    Also, what about doing lightning? I have no idea how this would be handled, and with the real-time lighting, would it act like it does in real life?
  12. So far I've come to understand that making a mod involves changing anything but the actual rendering code. With that in mind, I've been watching the progress of the Quake 3 Fortress mod, and they've been adding all sorts of things to it like panel entities, enhanced particle effects, lens flares, etc., all of which sounds like could be added without messing with the rendering portion of the game. What gets me is how they can add new entities. I'm aware that currently, making entities involves assigning entity attributes to a piece of geometry(door, elevator, switch, whatever), and making point entities, like light and sound sources. Well, I read somewhere by Zaldron that it may be very well possible that this way of doing "entities" won't exist in the new Doom. More like "controllers", like he calls them. So, my question is, just how easy would it be to add in controllers? And since in the past lights were entities, will they fall under the controllers category? Secondly, about the particle system. Since this is the first engine with uniform real-time lighting, and if you were using the particle system to simulate fire, or some other effect that produces light, just how would the engine handle the lighting for that? I haven't seen the QuakeCon video scene with the demon in the fire in a long time, so I don't remember how the lighting looked. Lastly - for Zaldron. You can't be here every waking moment when I might think up a brand new question, and as much as you know, some things you won't be able to answer, so I'm wondering if you would be so generous to provide links to websites that talk about real time 3D engines in-depth, as well as ones that talk about the other parts of the game's infrastructure, like the AI, and stuff. Thanks.
  13. Mormegil

    Question about lighting capabilities.

    Hmm. How difficult is it to add radiosity into the engine? I'm assuming it's a daunting task, and would that require a lot more horsepower than would even be available when Doom 3 ships? Also, I'm wondering about making changes to the game itself. Having the source code allows absolutely anything to be changed about the engine, right? But that's not something they release publicly for years after it comes out, so just how much can you change of the game if you were making a mod?
  14. Mormegil

    Question about lighting capabilities.

  15. I don't think anyone's asked about this before but.. what about light refraction? Does anyone think that's going to be coded in as part of the engine? I know I've seen light refraction before in tech demo pictures of the Radeon 8500, so it could happen.