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  1. stingrza

    Yet More Doom Movie Stuff

    You say my name 3 times and I appear out of nowhere? I wish I had known this earlier, it probably would have made for some good practical jokes down the line.
  2. stingrza

    Uhhhhh ... Ok

    I have to be a bit careful posting here, I'm starting to think the producers are monitoring what I say. Or I'm paranoid. Someone asked what the budget was. Off the record, I think it's about 60-70 million. I know it's not lower than that, but I don't know for sure. As for the Doom Guy being named, that was actually one of id's provisions. They told me straight up that he had to be named John. So he was. That's about all I can say about that, pretty cut and dry. Though I'll point out it wouldn't have been too realistic for other characters to address him as "Doom Guy." Ass for the Pinky thing, I'm not going to really bother defending myself on that sort of creative license. I know the game, I was at id's offices 2 years ago watching them make it so I know it. There's a reason that there is a character named Pinky, and there's a very specific reason that he's in a wheelchair, and I don't doubt at all that a number of you guys have figured it out already anyway. Finally the producers told me today that they are still aiming for a nice meaty R Rating, so that's great news.
  3. stingrza

    Uhhhhh ... Ok

    That's funny, I had actually at one point included the phrase "rip and tear" as a joke that only Doom fans would get...naturally, no one else got it and it was cut.
  4. stingrza

    Uhhhhh ... Ok

    Rellick, I appreciate the comments. You obviously know the biz I make my life. The sad truth is that the majority of things that you warned against have already happened. My original vision, which I assure you was pretty cool at the least, has been watered down to a point where I'd be shocked if it was salvagable. My intention was always, like the game, to present visceral horror mostly in tone and feel, not in blood and guts. That doesn't seem to have stuck. I avoided the romantic plotline like the plague (thus the brother/sister relationship, to quell the studio) and so far I think we've made it past that hurdle. We have no children, and I can't speak to the dialogue. Really I shouldn't be saying any of this at the risk of never working in this town again, but this project is important to me and so is artistic integrity: both mine and id's, so I will stand up for it when I can. I guess while I'm posting all day I'll mention because I know it bothers everyone that the Rock, if hired, is not going to be playing Doom Guy. He's going to be playing Sarge. Make of that what you will.
  5. stingrza

    Uhhhhh ... Ok

    OK well I just saw AVP, and it's the stupidest movie I have ever seen, due partially to the restrictions of the rating but many other factors as well. Believe me, that's not what I want for DOOM and that's not what I set out to do. I want you all to understand from the get go that I am on your side fighting for this to be as good and true a movie as possible. That has always been my goal and as they move farther away from that I will fight with you for the vision of the game to remain intact...
  6. stingrza

    Uhhhhh ... Ok

    My thoughts exactly, Linguica. And I'll make you a deal. IF the movie ends up an official PG-13, I will send you guys a copy of one of my earlier "Hard R" scripts. You can post it after the movie is out and compare. Could be interesting.
  7. stingrza

    Uhhhhh ... Ok

    I was trying to write an actual good movie rather than a RESIDENT EVIL. I know a lot of it sounds insane but I'm a huge fan of the game as well and I don't want any more than you guys do for it to suck. That said. It's come to my attention recently that the studio is considering making the movie PG-13. This is an AWFUL idea. The game mandates an R-Rated movie, that's just how I feel, if it's going to have any justice to it at all. What I need is for you guys to post what you think of DOOM as a PG-13...my guess is most fans wouldn't even waste their time seeing such a copout. Hopefully then I can print out your posts and show it to the producers as the proof that a PG-13 will alienate the key fans, and basically just ruin the whole thing. Up to you guys. I knwo you're not really down with the movie at all, or some of the things you know I've done with it, but I hope you'll at least agree with me on this. No PG-13 for DOOM!!!!!!
  8. stingrza

    Stop the Rock

    He's being considered for the role of Sarge, FYI. Not the lead.
  9. stingrza

    More Doom Movie Musings

    There is no love story. I assure you of that. It was suggested at various points by various parties, but there is no love story in the DOOM movie. Not even a slight hint at romance whatsoever. It would be completely ridiculous. Doom 3, it should be noted, is essentially a makeover of Doom. It's close to the same story. That said, the movie is not technically based on either. As several people have mentioned, there's not much story in the games, at least not enough to sustain a decent movie. I think instead gamers will find the movie to be a very faithful yet forward-thinking extension of the DOOM brand. I can't say much more than that, but needless to say there are characters and storylines ON TOP of the excellent violence we all want to see. -The alleged screenwriter
  10. stingrza

    More Doom Movie Musings

    I want to say this right now. I'm really not supposed to say much about the film because we're still working on it, but let me at least say this: It will be rated R, and that's only after my first draft was deemed one of the most violent scripts ever written. I had to tone it DOWN. And this is not going to be a pussy-footed video game movie. My goal from day one was to make a movie that worked on 3 levels: 1) Makes DOOM fans happy 2) Makes ID proud that it carries the DOOM name 3) Is a good movie I already know the second 2 to be true. I hope that this continued process plays out in such a way as to make you all very pleased with this movie. I'm essentially just trrying to write a movie that I, as a DOOM fan myself, want to see. In other words, if thiss movie wasn't going to kick ass, I'd have gotten my paycheck elsewhere. -Callaham -PS: Yes, I AM watching you people...