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  1. DiablO2

    Ugly motha...

    there, happy? see how ugly I am even without the glasses? thats an artists rendition, I dont even look my ethnicity or my gender.
  2. Heh, I tried out too be an english teacher because at the time many japanese were losing any memory of how too speak english. I had no success. Till I got my job as a voice actress.
  3. I don't have any "dollars" I dont use "dollars" I use Yen. I dont even know how to work "dollars"
  4. DiablO2

    Video Game Quote Trivia volume II

    I got 2 for you "I hope that things not pregnant" and "Your face, your ass, whats the difference?"
  5. I already OWN half=life, what I mean is BLUE-SHIFT supposedly came with an graphics enhancment for BLUE-SHIFT, HALF-LIFE, and OPPOSING FORCE.
  6. I really want to download the graphics pack for HALF-LIFE, but I don't want to buy BLUE SHIFT at all, is it possible to do this?
  7. DiablO2

    Half-Life error

    I waited for about 34 minutes and it installed and is fine!
  8. DiablO2

    Ugly motha...

    I;m in my 20s and I look like i'm 46 with a skin condition and glasses :(
  9. DiablO2

    Half-Life error

    I just got my new computer and all, and first things first I installed some games, and then I grabbed half-life and popped it in my drive and the installation setup goes to 99% (in other words, none of the game is installed) and then it fails, and never installs, I made sure the game was clean and all, and it just keeps happening. Does anyone have any help?
  10. DiablO2

    annoying alarm clock?

    I found a new idea, get a cage full of cicadas calling for a mate :)
  11. I had fought hell for years. Same old, same old. I had quit my days in the U.A.C. But as always, they were still a major organization. That wasn't my worry, there was another corporation, Savage, that was picking up on the U.A.C.s, gate experiment. Nothing wrong had happened, luckily. I was drafted in. I had no idea, But Savage, forced me into their company. I was being shipped to the frozen planet, Sedna. No idea why. The only reason was if they wanted to, kill me. Unless they found a way to survive on it. The ship was shuttering along past the rest of the planets. I had a strange feeling in my gut. As if something was still out here. The ship crashed and a barrel came flying and knocked me out. I woke up to the smell of smoke. I was on a stretcher. I had been in the infermory. It was empty in the room. I was fine with that, until the doors flew open. It was one of the medical researchers, he was panicking. He was completely pail, and his face had popping veins that appeared very bright in the light. I had no idea what was going on, other then I knew it was what I sensed. The doctor stared at me his face growing more swollen, he l ooked at me and wrote on his clip board "Lv21, action 9". I had re membered about Lv21. Many news came out of this place, the discovery of the "xenomorph hive""predator technology" and a lar ge gateway, that looked as if it had sharp teeth, and long horns. Action 9 meant, take nothing, but protection, and don't assault if not needed. I reluctantly looked for the armory. I found the door, but the weapons had been destroyed. I only had one thing that worked, an artifact. An artifact with the ability to harvest the energy of a demon, to use as a terrible force.
  12. DiablO2

    annoying alarm clock?

    get a nokia, they have a tune editor, very annoying.
  13. DiablO2

    A sad image I had scanned years ago

    "blood splatters all over picture and thread, and I finally die in a fit of nightmares"
  14. DiablO2

    Wip Arch-Vile

    first 2 pics = red x's, last one, blue-green statue, nice!
  15. DiablO2

    Doom comic strip!!!

    true, not the best art, but I couldn't draw a demons leg if I wanted to. But it's funny. I guess that baron was getting he's deserves for hellspawn abuse.