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  1. SirPootis

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Armored Core IV: Fires of Rubicon just came out today and holy fuck it's so goddamn fun. Dark Souls and Elden Ring never really did it for me, but a mech combat game made by FromSoft (and in the current gen)? Sign me up. Also bought Zortch after seeing Civvie's video on it, and that's pretty damn good too.
  2. I personally never really got into fighting games. I always played them at my friends' houses when offered to and then i'd just button mash my way to victory (or defeat, most of the time, haha). Never really wanted to get into trying to figure out movesets and counters and whatnot, especially since I never played them at home. However, recently I did find a fighting game I actually enjoy, called "Your Only Move is HUSTLE". It's an interesting take on fighting games, where instead of a fast-paced fight where you need to think on your feet, yomiHUSTLE (for short) is a fighting game with the pace of a chess match (if you remember ToriBash from a decade or so ago it's a similar idea). The fight plays itself for 30 frames, but then freezes. During the freeze, each player picks a move for their character to do: attacks, defends, specials, movement, etc. Once each player picks a move, the fight plays for another 30 frames or so, now with the chosen moves, and then freezes again for each player to decide what to do next. It's such a fun balance of fast-paced fighting game style with slow, methodical planning. Plus, seeing the full fight play out in normal-speed at the end is always fun. Would recommend anyone not really into fighting games to at least take a look at, it's pretty cheap on steam.
  3. SirPootis


    Portals and sneaky line teleporters. Room-over-room using 3D floors is also possible in GZDoom (although it's used very sparingly, mainly in the gas station area)
  4. SirPootis

    The story behind your custom avatar

    Wildlife Analysis An Eagle In Your Mind The Color of the Fire Telephasic Workshop Triangles & Rhombuses Sixtyten Turquoise Hexagon Sun Kaini Industries Bocuma Roygbiv Rue the Whirl Aquarius Olson Pete Standing Alone Smokes Quantity Open the Light One Very Important Thought Happy Cycling
  5. SirPootis

    What is the weather like where you live ?

    78 F. Sunny. Next week's looking like mid-80s F. Pretty decent.
  6. SirPootis

    [solved] "If" script not working correctly

    You'll need to use Thing_SetSpecial on the spawned enemies in order for your second script to work on them. Example: script 10 (void) { Thing_SpawnFacing(1, T_DEMON, FALSE, 200); delay(1); Thing_SetSpecial(200, 80, 7, 0, 0); //sets script activate on death for spawned demon }
  7. SirPootis

    Doomworld's Official NHL Thread

    Complete bullshit that Chicago gets first overall in the draft lottery. Scout out some players too soon? Screw you, we're getting rid of all your first round picks for the next few years. R*pe a kid (actually, kids) and cover it up for a decade? yeah, we'll fire a few office staff (except the owner), but here, have a generational talent. I know it's most likely not rigged, but damn that is not a good look, NHL. Anything to keep your big-market teams looking good, I suppose...
  8. I'm a sucker for atmosphere and ambience, and this has it in droves. Excellent work!
  9. I realize my input is only a drop in the bucket now, but add in my +1 to MyHouse.pk3. It's been a long time since a doom wad gave me the visceral reaction this one did.
  10. SirPootis


    this is such a cute map! i'm sure Tom would have loved it.
  11. SirPootis

    Most satisfying moments in Doom

    Managing to complete an engaging fight first try while narrowly dodging multiple projectiles (tends to happen with mancubi most often in my experiences). (shameless clip from own stream below as an example)
  12. SirPootis

    What are you listening to?

    Stumbled across Actress some time ago. Good stuff. This song has been stuck in my head the past few days.
  13. SirPootis

    What are you listening to?

    Been on a Wipeout binge lately. Such a good series.