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  1. And at home I still have friggin' dial-up. booo.

    I was told that the windows assessment score or whatever was completely bunk in terms of this machine because of "the nature of the beast".

    This thing truly scares me.

    I appear to have 8 logical cores, and some sort of GPU black magic on top of that. I have no idea how it works, but from what I can gather the GPU itself is acting as a co-processor, just like the old days. I knew that would come full circle.

    The machine also has the ability to turn on/off any major component at will and still operate. Or, that's what i inferred from the exciting marketing things I seem to get for no reason.

    Other than some of those creepy things it's just a computer. One I desperately needed since my Dell XPS fried and my EeePC was frustrating me more and more each day with its slowness. I was using something made for simple tasks for complex tasks like coding and video, and it just wasn't working anymore.

    Also I watched some videos it came with where a guy abused the hell out of the computer and it still worked. I don't know why they ran over it , poured water on it and threw it in a dryer, but I suppose if I ever leave my ThinkPad in my jean pocket, I can rest easy knowing it'll be fine with a day to dry.