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  1. After taking care of him for a year and a half, I was given a small "gift" for my work... this old, old piano.

    As you can hear, it's out of tune pretty badly and needs some work. it probably needs to be restrung, too. Half the problem is that it requires special strings, the other half is that it's gonna take a huge chunk out of my wallet to get that done.

    It's pretty haunting.

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    2. Danarchy


      Well, that's cool.


    3. MajorRawne


      That's a generous Grandfather. You get that after a year and a half? You should have looked after him for 10 years, he'd probably have given you Muse.

      EDIT: Maes - does that say handless or tuneless? And there's no actual video, so there's no proof she is handless.

      In other news, here's another video with superb piano action; I think his (admittedly brief) solo might be a take-off of the piano bit from Butterflies and Hurricanes:

    4. Super Jamie