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  1. I registered on DWF March 27, 2004. That still sounds like yesterday. I am no longer a "noob" anymore.

    I've never been on a forum for more than a decade besides DWF and ZDoom Forums - mostly because they are the only ones that haven't shut down due to the changing winds of the Internet.

    And I still haven't published a map.


    So I decided to start a serious map after years of playing and seeing what works and what doesn't. Fighting with editors has always been a pain (I'm not on Windows) and the Linux ones aren't there yet. I'll figure something out.

    So watch this space. Or something.

    1. kuchitsu


      I've been told that Slade kicks ass on Linux. Or you could fire up good old Yadex. :P I made my first levels with Yadex about 10 years ago.

    2. C30N9


      Wow, that's too long. I think after nearly three years and a half I abandoned Doomworld. I wonder if anyone misses me.

      Happy Doomworldday!