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  1. Oh look, ¬°es another one of these threads again! Hooray!

    In case you haven't noticed, I haven't been around much as of late. There's a big reason for that.

    And that is, well, gender dysphoria fucking sucks. (Told you it's going to be one of those threads!) The anxiety and stress had gone to the point that my hair was coming out. Being laid off of my once secure job because of a merger was not helping. I didn't want to talk to people, I didn't want to go outside, I started losing weight so rapidly that it was causing problems. I was falling apart. I just wanted to sleep. That's it. Why this suddenly became debilitating, I'll never know, but it crashed on me hard.

    And I used to pick on Kate like a moron when I knew I was in the same boat. I was terrible!

    And I live in a section of the country that still uses AOL and thumps Bibles, so if I spoke up about this I knew I was going to be electroshocked just like my old grade school friend who committed suicide, likely from that treatment. It's disgusting. And I can't change my parents, it's too late for that.

    I've been dealing with this since 2002 at the earliest, and sent to various doctors, on crazy psych meds, which turned me into a mess. That caught up with me in 2005 when I tried to end it all. Not proud about that.

    And my doctor? She knows exactly what's wrong, and knew before I could admit to her or myself, and sooner or later I'm going to have to leave my parents for good. Likely out of the state entirely. I don't know how. I've been on therapy about a year now and losing 80 pounds in half a year is probably not good either. And now my exchange insurance (I lost my employers medical insurance immediately upon termination) is in jeopardy because some fucks decided America need to be "great again" and that might fuck me up for good, because my medications total add up to over $1K. America still sucks at healthcare.


    So if you're wondering where the blue blazes I was, there ya go.

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    2. j4rio


      joe-ilya said:

      all I said is there are more options than turning into a woman.

      Sure, you can also turn into a diamond.

    3. esselfortium


      joe-ilya said:

      No, what the hell? "Trivialized"? "the only reason"? "too much anime"?
      How in the world did you come to the conclusion of those quoted? You turn everything I say into an insult and twist everything, you're being too sensitive, all I said is there are more options than turning into a woman.

      Do you find "too sensitive" as an insult as well? I hope not, I didn't even try.

      Actually this is, in fact, literally what you said:

      joe-ilya said:

      Not really, you can also make a surgery to turn yourself into a black guy with a huge cock if you're not satisfied with what you are.
      But with all the anime you watch, you'd rather be a woman.

      It's a completely nonsensical statement that speaks to willful cluelessness, despite several wasted attempts to explain things to you in this very thread. It's offensive on multiple levels and serves only to be inflammatory. Continuing to double down on it is probably not the best idea

    4. BigDickBzzrak


      j4rio said:

      turn into a diamond.

      Or even worse, you can create a diamond programming language.