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  1. Recently I've noticed that Facebook (along with other sites) is suddenly cracking down on accounts with names they see as "fake".  Two of my reservation friends' accounts were blocked because their tribal names weren't seen as legitimate. Two more were disabled from the site entirely due to trolls reporting the names.


    Since I've been on Facebook since it was Ivy League, and before everyone and their Grandma was on it, my account is tied to my University. There's little reason why I should be worried about my account standing.


    So why am I so scared to change the name attached to it?


    Thanks to Facebook's "Real Name" Policy, I would technically be violating the "community guidelines" by using the name I want to use, since my legal name has not changed yet. I've got to get all my ducks in a row before I do something like that, but at least I should be able to use the name I want without some troll reporting my account and twelve years of memories just go *poof*. And of course none of my current identification would match the change.


    I could change the nickname, sure, but the software still tries to"talk" to me personally using my deadname - a serious issue.


    So yeah I'm more than a bit pissed off at this. This is stuff I should never have to worry about...

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    2. Battle_Korbi


      Well if by some accident Facebook deletes me I wouldn't mind much. I only read some stupid articles and post shit once a month/year/eon on my page there.


      Somehow Facebook hasn't even warned me about my "real name" even though my name account is Battle Kirby. Doesn't sound like a real name right?

    3. esselfortium


      It's ridiculous that this is necessary at all, but if you want to avoid trouble, use Facebook's name change request form and send them a photo of some mail delivered to your requested name and an official letter from work or something like that. That way they'll manually approve your account's name change and you shouldn't have to worry about it. Still a hassle, but less of one.

    4. Csonicgo


      Good idea, Essel, I'll do that.