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  1. Last week I found that my cat got under my bed and ripped up my vintage issue of playboy(sealed) and all my comic books. This morning she got under the covers and scratched my leg. but the worst thing is that she ruined my furniture with her stupid claws. I hate cats. I am gonna post a pic of her, before and AFTER her death (j/k on the death part). of course Iknow I can't stay mad at her long, she's too cute.

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    2. chilvence


      Good god, they're making those cats wear rainbow coloured nails. Oh the humanity!

      I have a cat btw. She's probably spoilt, because I let her scratch whatever she likes. Even my arms if shes getting angry at losing the string game....

    3. Use


      I have a chair Loom scratches on, as long as he has that one chair, he leaves the others alone.

    4. Csonicgo


      heh. good idea.