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  1. It's my birfday, I expect gifts from you ungrateful basrads starting NOW. lawl!

    no seriously, this is the most boring birthday ever. who'd have thought that my 18th birthday would suck. Wasn't I supposed to be out going to parties and banging chicks every night? Ah well, fate, you motherfucker.


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    2. Sharessa


      Cheer up. On my 18th, I invited a dozen peopel to my birthday party and two people showed up. Actualy, another friend showed up a few hours later, but still...

      My 21st birthday more than made up for it. I canceled my birthday plans due to extenuating circumstances (namely, my friends who had the apartment we were going to have it at were losing the apartment like 3 days before my birthday). Then one day a few days before they were moving out, my friend called me and was like "we're having your party, yo". And then almost all my friends showed up and even some people I didn't really know and I got drunk and had a ton of fun (and ended up taking most of the remaining booze home with me). I spent the night there and all the next day we packed up their place and had a big moving out party then and the other friends who didnt show at my party showed up then, so it was like one long 2-day celebration or something.

      Yeah, and people wonder why I believe in karma.

    3. sgtcrispy


      Happy Birthday!

      Birthdays IMHO are over rated anyway.
      On my 18th, I got Antichrist Superstar in the mail on my b-day, and then bought Quake 1 the next day.

      Buy some cigs and pr0n, just because you can.

      Unless you could already for some reason.

    4. Dr. Zin

      Dr. Zin

      Heh, my 18th sucked too. The only guy who could end up coming was this "friend" who just babbles about whatever the hell he wants. He literally spent an hour ranting on about how rascist we are in America. And he is very white. Then he went on to babble on how the muslims are going to rule the world once they get their act together.

      I guess it's time to pray for Karma to kick in.