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  1. Guess I'll start.

    Well, the weird thing I saw was my friend's R/C forum. It was spammed to death by the weirdest string of posts I've ever seen.

    Post read:
    Hi. Long time reader, first time poster.

    I found this in a fitness forum.

    A guy, 22, wants to have sex with a girl who's 16. I'm the dad of a 1 year old daughter. I am worried about her enough as it is, but I cant think of how much I'd worry about this if this was my daughter. I'm angry about this guy doing this, am I right to be angry? What would you do if your daughter was in this situation?

    Now imagine this, posted countless times, in the span of 2 minutes on a forum hosted on a shoddy 1.4 GHz "server" you have set up in your house. The number of new registrations were also through the roof. Edit: I forgot to mention that That "oh shit" feeling was on us both as we watched a once happy server get sick. We couldn't do anything as the exploits poured in also- someone was hell-bent on making that server crash- he must have been some disgruntled kid- the attack came from Russia of all places.

    Needless to say, the server has been down since September, and she's reluctant to boot it back up-- and just stay at a free message board service.

    I dunno what crackpot is spamming this shit but it has to stop. It's like they target forums at random. So if anybody here owns any forums, or knows admins of forums, put those exact words on a blocklist/instant-ban list if you have (or coded) such a thing and get these morons off your nuts. they are spamtrolls and they must be banned from the internet.

    Enough about that, what happened to you guys in 2007 that you could describe as "destiny-changing"?

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    2. Lüt


      Jerry Goldsmith gave me a gun.

    3. Danarchy


      This one day I spent the night at my friends house and the next day I went out with her to find a car. It was like 10 in the morning and she assured me it wouldn't take long. I was due to go to work at 5:30.

      So we're going around Tacoma, getting repeatedly lost, looking for car dealerships. I was so stressed from driving around and being lost that I finally had to let her drive lest I pass out. We spent like 2 hours at one dealership which couldn't accept her credit at all, until finally they sent us to this other less professional dealership. The dude there was nice, but was still having trouble with her credit. She picked out a really good car for herself, but it took like 3 further hours of negotiations. It was finally getting to be about 4:30 when they got a solid deal.

      So I finally get away and am driving through Tacoma, which is the biggest clusterfuck of badly made roads I've ever seen. So I get horribly lost and end up going towards Puyallup. At this point I'm screaming and cursing, which rarely ever happens to me when I'm driving. I finally do get headed the right direction, and I speed the whole way towards Bremerton.

      By the time I get to Bremerton, it's already after 5 and my job is a half hour away, in Silverdale. So I jump out of my car, run inside, quickly change clothes, call the restaurant and tell them I'm going to be a little late, then jump back in my car, and turn the ignition. It's fucking dead.

      So I run back into the house and ask my roommate for a ride. He agrees and drives me there, but not before getting lost on the interchange right outside of town, getting us heading in the direction of Bangor Base. I finally did get to work though, and the rest of my night was perfectly normal. But that was probably the single most intense day of my life.

    4. deathbringer


      =Relationship BS=

      -I ended 2006 on a high, as i had found my perfect boyfriend. I think a mere few weeks into 2007 i met him and was effectively dumped without him telling me i was, or saying anything to me at all for about 2 months. But anyway during those 2 months i suddenly remembered about 2 years before i had dreamed of going to Calais with "my boyfriend" who looked just like him, at this time i hadn't met him, heard of him, and wasnt even on planning to going to university (where i did meet him). This convinced me even more he was "the one", but it still went nowhere and failed. Also in the dream in question i had a green Hillman Imp, no sign of that either

      -A girl on Myspace who looked a lot like Angelina Jolie added me, i was suspicious of course, but she had shitloads of pics, all small, blurry and webcam-like, and all seemingly taken in a very ordinary house, and one or two in a very ordinary nightclub. Also she had hairstyles AJ would never go for. And claimed to be Swedish. Anyway we hit it off properly, but then suddenly she died of anorexia, according to her sister's profile. Then both profiles suddenly vanished, as did the girl's music one (she was a beautiful singer if all this was real). Later on i was talking to another girl who said she had seen several AJ-lookalike profiles on various websites that "all end in suicide", so i'm not sure if this paticular business was real or not... should have got her second name and town of origin in Sweden (she lived in Birmingham) so i could perhaps find her grave one day

      -I had a whirlwind "relationship" with quite literally my perfect girl, 'tall', chinese-looking, petite and "unusual" in that she actually had a Dublin accent. Anyway on the second day of her weekend visit she spent most of it asleep after a rather bland trip to Cambridge in the searing heat. After she had gone back she said she felt like i "wasnt interested", and now we barely talk at all... this shit really fucks with my head. But then again i remind myself she liked "Nightmare before christmas" and even bought a Manga of it which was even pretentiously written "backwards" as if it was Japanese... so she most likely had something wrong with her anyway.

      =Real stuff=

      -On my first day of the second year of Uni there was not a single cloud in the sky, and i looked up and saw a tiny white "cross" just suspended in the air, i wondered what the hell it was before it slowly dawned on me it's an airliner or other large white plane flying at high altitude, and leaving no vapour trail as the weather was so hot, or maybe it was just gliding

      -Suddenly finding a 99 year old book just like that in a fairly average charity bookshop mostly filled with old Jeffry Archers and Mills & Boon stuff. Though they do deal in some antique stuff too and even had what appeared to be a genuine and very well preserved issue of the Daily Mirror from the day after the day after the titanic sunk (ie it wasn't one of the "Tremendous loss of life" ones you get in those "historical headlines" boxes, but about the captain's wife instead)

      -Finding the 1951 Champion (an old comic/storypaper mostly based around sport) Annual in the same shop, only a month after finding the 1950 edition in another branch of the same one.

      -Hearing what sounded for all the world like somebody knocking on the wall the room next to mine (in next door's house), as if they honestly thought it was a door that would open, only last night. Complete with just-audiable muttering and growing impatience. After 3 tries it stopped

      -There's some sort of factory/power station out in the countryside but visible from the top of the stairs in my halls at uni. Anyway once near sunset a cloud of smoke coming out of it had formed a 'mushroom cloud', with the sun setting behind it, looking like a nuclear explosion frozen in time. It's times like that i wish i had a camera phone, but oh well.

      -Reading so many old adventure/detective/public school stories from between the 1890's and 1950's that when i went outside and walked along the waterfront, it really felt like being in the shiny utopian future they thought we'd have in those times. Though of course if i had walked about 100m too far in the same direction i would have ended up being stabbed by an 8 year old scratling for a fiver, but you can't have everything