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  1. So I come home for the weekend with my girlfriend and find out that:
    My mom may/may not have had an affair in the past 5 years
    My dad may/may not have a rare form of malicious skin cancer
    My dad also may/may not take a job that would get him $140k/year
    My scholarship may/may not be renewed for reasons not related to my GPA
    My mom's church may/may not be closing

    And to top it all off, the water may/may not work.

    The other day the Kitchen sink stopped working altogether, so my dad bought another faucet and such to install. it ended up taking until 3 AM to install it, and upon turning off the gate valve in the basement, the shaft snapped. So we had no damn water. We attempted to fix the gate valve with moderate success, but it now leaks for no damn reason. so if you want water, you have to go outside, turn the meter on, get water, go outside, turn it back off, repeat.

    But that's ok since I found this:

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    2. Snarboo


      Is there any song that can't be covered by Mario Paint Composer? :p

    3. Sharessa


      It's gonna be the next Rule 34.

    4. Csonicgo


      exp(x) said:


      ... Paintrolled?

      and apparently Hip-hop also translates well...