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  1. Because I am an idiot (and the other carriers pissed me off entirely in the 90s with roaming charges) I decided that Bellsouth Mobil-er, Cingula- er, AT&F'nT would be the best choice for a PDA Data plan. Since the bitches carry the iPhone, and, since its inception, have created sensible data plans (note: one I could actually afford) I decided to buy a Pocket PC,-- HTC Kaiser II. It has 4 GB Memory and an SD Micro expansion, Data this and that, can watch stupid movies if I wanted to on there. Can even draw on it. Whoop. However, it also has the ability to use ICS, or Internet Connection Sharing, which basically connects a PDA/PPC to a standard PC and connects said PC to the network. Shouldn't be an issue, right? I mean, I got a data plan, having an extra step to a PC should be just like using Opera or IE on the phone itself right?

    Huhuuh, I was wrong.

    Turns out that this wonderful function is a bit too wonderful and easy and obvious that AT&T decided that it'd be the coolest idea in the world to make such an option an extra 10 dollar charge and casually forget to tell me about it- EACH TIME I USED IT. Charge to use tethering in a monthly plan= $10. The sales rep didn't tell me shit about this, and it wasn't even in the plan I read as an extra charge, or the manual I received. It wasn't supposed to be an extra charge. I guess some big wigs decided to make it one and not tell anyone (but they love to tell me I can get a free car by sending me over 9000 SMS messages) just to get some extra cash to scare the shit out of the iPhone and PPC users.

    and if they ever read this:

    Fuck you, AT&T. Intentionally crippling devices to fit your stupid data plans may be common practice for you guys, but to not tell your sales reps, me, or even post that such charges were currently suppressed and were to be reinstated that month... Come on. Even Satan wouldn't pull shit like that. no, posting on your shitty tech forum and not the main one doesn't count either. At least you could have stickied the topic.

    In conclusion, AT&T was the last carrier on my list of carriers to try. They all suck, mobile technology in America is screwed just like it was when phones were on landlines. same shit , no wires. Gotta love it!

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    2. Csonicgo


      fraggle said:

      Personally I wouldn't use the mobile phone networks for anything except providing a mobile phone (ie. voice calls and SMS). I'm not convinced that the technology is mature enough yet to provide either decent enough data rates or reasonable prices for data. Things might improve in a few years.

      Plus, I'm not sure what I'd actually use a PDA with an Internet connection for. It would be nice to be have a laptop with Internet connectivity on a train journey, but for the time being I'm happy managing without a connection.

      The real reason is that my school has decided not to have a calling system or anything that woudl call my phone for alerts, so I have a facebook application notify me if school is closed or what functions/cancellations/change of schedules that will be going on that day.

      I truly hate facebook, but I'm forced to use it. I suppose talking just takes too much effort.

    3. Craigs


      Weird. Out here in Longview, just about everyone uses AT&T, mainly because it's one of the most reliable in this particular part of the state. At least you didn't make the mistake of going with Embarq. I did that and it turned out to be one of the biggest mistakes of my life. They made so many mistakes with our phone bill that I couldn't help but wonder if they were trying to do this shit in the hopes that we wouldn't notice. The phone bill, which was already pretty high despite the fact that I rarely called anyone because I usually only had about a single bar, 2 bars if I was lucky; would always come a little bit higher then what it was supposed to be and I was constantly having to call them and inform them about the little accident. I decided to drop them, but doing so was a violation of the contract I signed, so I ended up paying even more money just to switch.
      In all honesty, I really hate cell phone companies in general. I honestly think that the people running em don't give a shit about anyone besides themselves and that they'd rather squeeze as much money out of their customers as possible instead of providing a decent service, and although AT&T hasn't been too bad for me so far, I still get the impression that they have the same intentions.

    4. Patrick


      As a sales rep, don't take it too hard with them. they're required not to tell you things (sounds almost like the voice of experience!)