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  1. Yeppers, I gots an Eee PC 900HD.


    i've already upgraded the RAM to 2 GB, the netbook soars above my previous laptop, the one bloodshedder and I both had, the PCG-FXA36.

    160 GB HD , card reader, VGA out, realtek (YOSPOS BITCH) onboard. plus the screen isnt bad either.
    the only problem im having so far is that some programs assume 1024x768 now as a bare minimum (pidgin, looking at you) and it's hard to use those. not a very good situation.

    P.S. glxgears 999 fps lol

    p.p.s: the keyboard kinda sucks. it's hard to get used to.

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    2. Csonicgo


      fraggle said:

      So why did you buy the obsolete model?

      uh, it's not an obsolete model. the newest ones cost so much here i would rather buy a better laptop than a netbook. also, this one is actually 900 MHz, and it outperforms the other 1000 I had to compare them to.

      also, the size of the computer itself. it is sooo tiny!

      SSDs do not interest me at all, so i did not bother with that.

      really, did i make that bad of a purchase? it's perfect for what i need to use it for.

    3. Csonicgo


      God. damn.

      I never new this was gonna be a problem. the shift key and arrow up key are switched. so I modified a program to make the up arrow key another shift key. And it's toggleable. I rule.

    4. alexz721


      I bought an Acer Aspire netbook because I needed something portable I could take to and from school as well as for presentations and such, and it's perfect for my needs. No, it won't run the latest games, but I've never been that partial to laptops for gaming anyway. Still, it's powerful enough to run many new games, and that's without upgrades.