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  1. It is aural sex.

    I converted them all to V0 MP3 and threw them on my iPod. It has revealed a lot of stuff I had no idea was there. These remasters are not fakeloud and I found myself turning up a few of them.

    Lemme tell you, A Hard Day's Night has some wicked cowbell. Bruce Dickenson would be proud. Let It Be is ethereal as ever, too.

    Though I know someone this morning who said "lol you can't torrent?"

    No, you assholes. I WANT THE POSTERS.

    It sure as hell beats the "1" CD I have. In fact, That shit was drink coaster quality to begin with. muddy compressed crap that it was.

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    2. geekmarine


      Danarchy said:

      Let It Be was a terrible album. There's a reason the Beatles never released it while they were together. It does have Across the Universe on it, though.

      That's funny - as soon as I read the first sentence, my first thought was, "But wait, it has Across the Universe." Though yeah, I have to admit, despite having a couple of good songs, on the whole, I am not a fan of Let It Be. Actually, I've always thought it was kind of a shame that it was the last album released - Abbey Road seems a much more fitting close to the Beatles, in my opinion.

    3. Danarchy


      Yeah, the whole Abbey Road suite, especially with The End at...the end with solos from all the band members seemed like the ultimate end for The Beatles. You can almost see the curtain closing after that. I think they put a lot of effort into making just one last great album before they parted ways.

    4. deathbringer


      I wonder what people who originally listened to them on crackly vinyl, valve radios and at scream-filled concerts think of the ubarquality CD remasters?

      A few weeks back Radio 2 had a Beatles Weekend with a heap of unrepeated interviews with them that hadn't been heard since 1964 or whatever. It just made me wonder if there's this much "unheard" material and archive stuff for every other band as well, that we'll never hear of because they're not The Beatles.