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  1. It's spiffy. It's also fast as hell.

    I had some trouble installing photoshop again, but other than that it's the best OS I've used. Now that I've used it in a real working environment, I can say it blasts Vista out of the park with a bazooka. The only problem is that I miss the old start menu.. :(

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    2. Pavera


      I get my official copy tomorrow. Can't wait to install the full, retail copy and get rid of this 32-bit RC build.

      7 combined with this bad boy is totally awesome. Crysis runs with all DX10 settings turned on at 30+fps.

    3. Bucket


      Technician said:

      That's awesome. Is there a theme really that ah... "retro"

      I suppose "High Contrast" would be a reasonable facsimile.

    4. Super Jamie

      Super Jamie

      lol picture. Needs to be 2009 tho.