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  1. Hi! (Mods, if this belongs in EE, please move it. I didn't know where to post this originally.)

    I've been working on a 1993-era PC for DOS games and to relive my nostalgic childhood I sorely miss (:( ) so, This is a thread for me (and others) to post some Old DOS software crap they remember using or had used, or still use (maes?). I probably won't get a lot of responses, after all , 1993 was a long time ago. But, what I'm looking for are basic utilities like:

      A Word Processor (Windows Write will do for now)
      A Media Player (Mplayer and MP3Play work I guess for now)
      Games (All the DOS games you liked and are freeware or shareware)
      Music/Audio software (got soundforge & TheDrumsProfessional, still looking for MIDI sequencers. I have Fasttracker II & Adlib Tracker II)
      Any other utilities, like a DOS Web Browser, if it exists
    To anyone that helps, Thank you so much! And this is just an experiment, so please to be understanding (I have Win95c on a disc ready to install if I just can't take it anymore). This is a learning experience for me.

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    2. Mr. T

      Mr. T

      I remember booting to DOS a lot to play games and stuff. At least with Win3.x that was a fairly painless process unless your PC was a total junker.

    3. Mr. T

      Mr. T

      I don't think he is disputing the fact that 3.x is a piece of shit, rather it is a more interesting system to build as a hobby than later incarnations of Windows, which from a users perspective have hardly changed at all since 1995.

      Which, to me at least, makes perfect sense

    4. Maes


      Mr. T said:

      I remember booting to DOS a lot to play games and stuff. At least with Win3.x that was a fairly painless process unless your PC was a total junker.

      Or if you liked General Protection Faults and lockups a lot.

      I recall a lot of DOS stuff wouldn't work right in Win 3.x, for several reasons. Even EGA-era DOS games would run slower or at uneven speeds, too slow or too fast, hell even the palette got FUBARED sometimes. And if you tried to run them in a window....goodnight. It was really trial and error, and as a rule of thumb the less an app/game did, the better it would run under Windows 3.1. And let's not even speak of those that needed particular EMS/XMS configurations...

      Maybe QBASIC and GORILLAS.BAS worked OK, but something like Doom? No way (not with 4 MB at least). There was OS/2 if you wanted to try this sorts of stunts.

      Demoscene stuff/modplayers/anything that banged on the hardware directly? No way (unless you wanted to get a GPF).

      Anything using the sound card? Again, no way (especially if you were such an asshole to leave media player in the background while trying to fire up Inertia Player in DOS, just to see how it would cope. It didn't). Even more cruel, fire up Another World while using the PC Speaker for digitized audio output.

      Let me see.... finnicky and temperamental DOS game chock-full with unusual programming, interrupt-heavy device, a keyboard interrupt bug....and all that under a finnicky windowed environment... Yup, sounds like a Winner to me, and TOTALLY related to the power of the computer you were using ;-)

      (and, CSonicgo, if you really wanted an unusual retro-rig you should have at least went with OS/2: cool apps of its own, excellent windows (3.x) compatibility, and more DOS friendly than any pre Win 9x M$ OS (except DOS itself).