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  1. Apparently I gotta believe in trolls and angels and unicorns or I can't live at my parents' house while I look for more suitable housing for graduate school.

    I got this note on my car:

    You will not be an agnostic or an athiest. If you are, then hit the pavement. No car, no money,clothes, etc....

    How do I fake this? I'm an honest person. Living a lie hurts me. I'm already forced to go to this evangelical church or whatnot and everything I hear makes my brain spin. I don't like that feeling, at all.

    What do? And no, moving out is not an option. There is no way I could support myself right now or find someone that will, because almost everyone I know is in this exact same generation/generation situation. There is no tolerance for un-WASPy stuff here in the south at all.

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    2. DuckReconMajor


      This is why Baptists are so great. Church is more of a social gathering. It's easy to play along because people don't press you about your beliefs. And some of them, quite frankly, are going to love you no matter what it is you believe.

      So yeah, I could just tell you to go along with what your family says. But I haven't been persecuted like that. I'm sure it must be hard. Good luck on sticking it through, whatever you end up doing.

    3. Csonicgo


      Good idea. This is Pentecostal; I may just "defect" and go to a Baptist church just to shut them up.

      Some developments on this though, my Dad actually has softened up after this and actually thinks my mom is losing her mind. He also admitted he believed in such *scandalous* things like evolution ("how could you not?") which means that he too has been living a lie for so long. He didn't believe the 6000 year old earth thing, either, unlike mom....wow.

      So uh, looks like I don't even know my parents. My dad was so angry at her today for still bringing it up; as I said before back in the day he was trying to get away from her... I think I see now why.

      God damnit :(

    4. spank


      That fact changes everything - your dad is/can be on your side. Show him things. Make him listen to Bill Hicks, Carl Sagan, Richard Dawkins even. Maybe he won't be able to stomach all of it, but it'll make him think. You must make him see that loving you, accepting you and having you around is more important than this arbitrary social concept that your parents cling on for fear of not being integrated.