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  1. I've been taking care of my Grandfather since early May, and since then I've had the opportunity to use old-fashioned cooking utensils (cause the microwave is pure shit). Since I'll be here until late August, I decided to learn to.... cook.

    Yeah. Cooking. No more Hot Pockets.

    What I'm looking for are some quick, easy and po'-folks recipes. since I am on a very very small food budget, I need ideas with low-cost items that won't take too long to prepare. I have a crockpot , an old oven, and pretty much every stovetop cooking apparatus known to man. I just need to know what to cook. I've been looking through cookbooks, but most of it seems to require really weird niche spices that I'll use once and never again.

    Any recipes the Doomworld Forumers can share? I'll take anything that's good and not too wacky (My Grandfather has to eat it, too).

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    2. Planky


      I prefer making my own pizzas. I make herb bases (adjusting the self raising flour if I want thin & crispy/pan/etc) and my own sauce for the base. Toppings are whatever I feel like but usually have the following:

      Haloumi - fantastic cooking cheese

      I like chicken pizza's typically, but it can be expensive, so I get ground/mince chicken which is usually cheaper and mix moccocan seasoning in. You can vary a helluva lot with Pizzas and come up with some really good variations.

      I some point I'm going to try and make a cheesy crust base.

      Fuck, Im hungry now :þ

    3. Csonicgo


      so today I got some fresh garden veggies and some corn meal and prepared

      panfried green tomatoes and squash (with onion and garlic)
      Fresh beans
      cornbread :3
      smashed potatoes (also fresh)
      and uhm, steak from a local butcher

    4. Ed


      1. Flat cut, boneless skinless chicken breast
      2. Egg Wash
      3. Flour
      4. A bag of Buffalo Style Dorritos, crushed into oblivion. Use as bread crumbs to bread chicken.
      5. Go between egg wash, flour, egg wash, Dorritos until the chicken is fully coated.
      6. Flash fry till it just starts to turn golden, finish cooking in the oven @ 350
      7. Delicious.. Yums.

      I haven't tried other Dorritos, as the buffalo style is so win. Some home made buffalo sauce on top before it goes in the oven is also quite good.