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  1. Ragnarok

    Will they release a soundtrack?

    I was curious, because I like that music. It would serve more purpose than that freakin' Warcraft III soundtrack. Anyone know anything or anyone else want it?
  2. Ragnarok

    How will everyone play Doom 3?

    I personally thought I made the question clear. Hmmm, I understand that you place the cd in to play, but that's not even what I asked. Oh well, some people must enjoy being smart-alecs.
  3. Ragnarok

    Doom 3 co-op on XBOX Live

    I personally don't like the idea of co-op in Doom 3. To me, and I may be silly of course, the game seems to pull its atmosphere from the concept of you (the marine) being alone in this Martian base full of demons. When I watched scary movies when I was young, simply having another person there, even in the kitchen next my living room (and not right by me), would make the movie less scary. I think that is what co-op will do for Doom 3. I agree it would be fun to play with friends, and I will probably try it if someone mods co-op, or id releases it in an expansion, but for sure only after I have beaten the SP on my own. Well, that's my opinion.
  4. Ragnarok

    HL2 aligned itself with ATI

    It seems the competition between Doom III and Half-Life 2 is carrying over into the two big graphics competitors as well. I'm personally going with id and the Nvidia cards. What about you guys?
  5. Ragnarok

    A possible problem about system requirements...

    Heh, heh. Well, video cards aren't exactly cheap, and unless you plan on running Doom 3 on the absolute minimum settings, or at least something close to that, it would seem as though the 5700 isn't going to exactly be good enough, nor, for that matter, will many other lower-level cards. The stated system requirements, even recommended, do not seem like they will run the game very well if Far Cry is pushing my card so much on those settings. That seems like a problem to me when people have to pay a couple of hundred bucks to play a game, perhaps I'm worng.
  6. Ragnarok

    A possible problem about system requirements...

    Sorry, I forgot to add that the lighting difference is also unbelievable. From the 5700 to the 5950, the lighting goes from nice to basically realistic looking.
  7. I know system requirements for Doom 3 have been discussed pretty regularly on here, but I have a point I'd like to make. I have two computers at home, both of which have 3.0 ghz P4s and a gig of RAM. However, one has a 128mb GeForce 5700 Ultra, and the other has a 256mb GeForce 5800 Ultra. Running Far Cry on both, I've noticed that on the 5700, the best playable set up is 1024x768x32 resolution with "medium" on all graphics settings. On the other I can run 1152x864x32 with "very high" settings. The difference is unbelievable. The 5700 looks basically cartoony compared to the other one. What I'm trying to say is that I feel Doom 3 will be much more graphics-intensive, so for any realistic aspects in the graphics, I feel it will take more than a 5700 Ultra. Just something I noticed.
  8. Ragnarok

    My Doom III suggestion...

    PLaying Far Cry has given me a suggestion I would like to see in Doom 3. The check-point save system is real cool because it makes you play through a relatively short but sometimes difficult area of the game without the option of saving. I personally think this would be good for Doom, because, even if you know where enemies are eventually, you still have to be the area to make it to the next save point. I do hope, however, the physics engine is a little better. I don't like how people slowly slide down mountains basically non-stop, but it is nice to see the beginnings of what is to come. One final thing which I would like to see is no radar. I have noticed a lot of recent FPS games having radars that tell you where to go. I don't remember seeing one in the trailer, but I certainly don't want one in the game. That will force players to look around and see all of thier hard work. Plus, I wouldn't mind having to go down areas that serve absolutely no purpose but to be dangerous (although the marine, depending on how long he has been on the base, should be relatively familiar with the base). Perhaps a map you can mark on, or that little computer thing I have heard rumors of would be sufficient. Well, that's what I think... what about you all?
  9. I know a little about Doom 3's multiplayer, like it will exist and it will be small (initially, but I have heard rumors of a potential increase in a patch or something), but does anyone know if there will be the capabilty of using bots to... err.. play a sort of single player multiplayer or just play with a friend against bots? Thanks.
  10. Ragnarok

    New games to tide me over?

    Thanks for the post. I went to my local Gamestop and bought Far Cry, based solely on the fact that, although Painkiller seemed really cool, the guys said they had only sold Far Cry thus far. The owner did say that the demos were cool though. Where could I get the demos? from a web site? After Far Cry, and if the demos are as nice as they seem (plus the fact that I like killing as much stuff as possible, especially non-humans), Painkiller will be a valid choice because it looks so cool. Thanks!
  11. Ragnarok

    New games to tide me over?

    Thanks guys. Have either of you played Drakenguard? It looks all spiffy in the comercials, plus I think it's about $10 cheaper than other games. I liked the way Far Cry looked, so I think I will get it, especially if fellow Doomers like it! :)
  12. Ragnarok

    New games to tide me over?

    I have a question for anyone willing to give their opinion. And, to make sure it's on topic, I am using this info in an effort to hold me over until D3's inevitable release within the next few months (hopefully). Anyway, I'm going to buy a game to take up some time, so I need to know what's a good choice. First, and excuse my ignorance, is Far Cry out? If so, should I think about that, UT 2004, or perhaps that PS2 game Drakenguard (I'm a square fan). Or, basically any other game that is worth playing. I appreciate any feedback! PS- I haven't been paying too much attention to recent game releases... I've been playing FF6... so once again excuse my ignorance.
  13. Ragnarok

    Has anyone else noticed...

    Jebus! I was merely saying what Amazon.com had on their site. I never said it was official or anything. Just being funny. /me goes into a corner and cries in shame
  14. Ragnarok

    If id is Doom III's designer...

    Thanks, I never knew what they did for sure.
  15. Ragnarok

    If id is Doom III's designer...

    ...then what is Activision, the producer? If so, or if not, what do they do or what are they/what do they do? Excuse my unlearned-ness please!