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    Another one bites the dust.
  1. Rakohus


    today i tried doomserv and it sayed i need to overwrite files to run it. i say ok i overwrite files. What happen!! windows mediae player dont work no more. HELP!!1111111
  2. Rakohus

    wad author problems

    thank you DeadNail it worked! i want to thank you so much and laim you shut up because you will get hurt just like ralphis!!
  3. Rakohus

    wad author problems

    hey you ralphis shut up i know who you are and i will hurt you because you suck
  4. Rakohus

    wad author problems

    Or I could type perfectly neat with no spelling errors and piss you off next post where i type like an idiot again. but thank u for letting me no where i can get tuts !!!
  5. Rakohus

    wad author problems

    Thank u for telling me doomboy. .i just wanna thank infirity for sending me the doom game. thank you infirity!!! now im having problems making a levator. i start out in a room and everythin is like mirrors and stuff. can someone helop me me make a do levator!!
  6. Rakohus

    wad author problems

    I haev problems with wad author recent. I start it and it tells me to pick a game and i dont have a game. i thought i can make doom with it??