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  1. --Kintaro--

    Another Cacodemon -- Colored --

    Drawing and painting with the mouse using Photoshop. I often wondered why Cacodemons smiled since they were pretty easy to kill... Well, so here is the evolution of the drawing in 6 steps (the pic is about 80kb): http://www.avatar-forum.com/images/6cacosbymelvinpressouyre.gif And here is a close-up of the final version: http://www.avatar-forum.com/images/CacodemonbyMelvinPressouyre.jpg I can't wait to see the new version of the cacodemon in Doom3, dunnow if there will be any though :). Feel free to comment ;).
  2. --Kintaro--

    Doomers by Location

    Ouééééé suis pas tout seul en fin de compte muhahahah >:). Moi je suis sur Atlanta pour le moment mais l'annee prochaine je bouge sur Metz. On pourrait ptete s'organiser un ptit Lan "si" doom3 se decide a sortir. Je joue beaucoup plus a America's Army pour le moment (americasarmy.com) et UT2k4, enfin me tarde de poser les papattes sur d3 B). -Earth --North America ---USA ----Georgia -----Atlanta But next scholar year (that is when doom 3 is out, right ? right ??) I'll be in: -Europe --France ---Metz
  3. http://oldsite.havok.com/xtra/demos/demo-ragdoll2.html Based on Havok physics used in....Half-life 2... Will doom3 beat this ;-) ?
  4. --Kintaro--

    If id is Doom III's designer...

    Since they ship the game, maybe the 15th of April they announced is correct then...*cross fingers: I wanna believe*
  5. --Kintaro--

    April fools doom!

    Yep they really do look like the famouse Space Hulk aliens. Except the genes had 3 claws I think, didnt they Oo ?
  6. --Kintaro--

    Another Cacodemon -- Colored --

    I'm glad I didn't name the drawing a PE then...;p
  7. --Kintaro--

    April fools doom!

    Oh yeah ok I see now ^_^ . Pretty scary...:-)
  8. --Kintaro--

    UnrealEngine3 GDC Impressions

    Wait to see how it "moves" first :-). Plus some textures seem to be missing on the pics u gave Zoorado..(hopefully..)
  9. --Kintaro--

    Has anyone else noticed...

    Yes I've seen that but they don't stop pushing over the date...I just think this is to justify the pre-orders ;-)
  10. --Kintaro--

    Any last words?

    How much do you bet I can jump over that car with my bike ?
  11. --Kintaro--

    Have fun with the skeletons (HL2)

    Hehe, well the good news is, I was said that Doom3 also uses the Havok engine ! Hooah ! Now if any1 can confirm that would be great. I'll have a look into the official website see if I can dig the answer. Sorry about the wrong section in the forum [post moved over here]
  12. --Kintaro--

    April fools doom!

    Cool :) The drawing is nice but what's the flying thing on the left ?
  13. --Kintaro--

    Another Cacodemon -- Colored --

    cute lol...Ah well, good to know it is still there ;>
  14. --Kintaro--

    HL2 "Radiosity Normal Mapping" = Cool

    Yep, it does look like a cool effect. Getting more and more realistic now :-)
  15. --Kintaro--

    McDonald's Hacked Doomworld!

    Nice :-) You think they get money for this April f00l ? :p
  16. --Kintaro--

    How long?

    Same here ;)
  17. --Kintaro--


    Very cool buddy ! I'm going to make a Cacodemon too, but this time painted in photoshop. I had a "Horny" kinda like Dungeon Keeper one already, and it will probably be in the same style: http://www.avatar-forum.com/images/gostty3JPG2.gif
  18. lol :D I don't know where the story starts, but it would be nice to have a "surprising" ending, like on Earth for instance :)
  19. --Kintaro--

    what DOOM III weapon or monster are you dreding the most?

    Well I hope not, cuz my t-shirt is with Doom3 , not doom III lol..
  20. --Kintaro--

    Will we see the marine's face on the bottom of the screen?

    good call, would be a nice addition.
  21. --Kintaro--

    A question on requirements.

    yes if u look into the forums, it is said the testing version is already more than 1.5 gb.
  22. --Kintaro--

    what DOOM III weapon or monster are you dreding the most?

    I remember in DOOM2, what scared me the most was the sound of the doors opening...remember that ;) ?
  23. --Kintaro--

    Doom3 on DVD?

    Yeah except that there's a lot of issues with the DVD version of UT2k4. Many people can't install it correctly... That's why I orderd the CD one :D
  24. --Kintaro--

    Who was the first ID customer who BOUGHT DooM?

    Good question, I dunnow who that might be, but his copy may be pretty valuable for collectors >: )
  25. --Kintaro--

    i think they are done

    In the advanced design classes I've taken, we usually said that being the first on the market is good.. Now you may be right, as HL2 code was "stolen" etc...