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  1. Ahiles

    New Doom Q&A on HomeLanFed

    The best card (fps/$) for doom3 and rest games would be 6800GT(should be out in month or 2 close to D3) 6800GT is like GF4400 was for GF4(fps/$)best buy for speed/price. NV has better opengl and will win D3. And I think a lot +10-20% if not more. In Dx9-dxX ati and nv will be close +-5%.
  2. Ahiles

    Two new screens in EGM magazine.

    Was reimt sich auf Mai? - Ganz klar: Doom3 Ende Mai soll Doom3 in den USA erscheinen. Wir haben unsere Tickets zum Marsmond Phobos schon gebucht. Im Test erfahren Sie, ob Doom3 die versprochene Hochspannung durchgehend aufrecht hält und wie das Grafikmonster auf ihrer Hardware läuft - inklusive Tuning-Tips. "What rhymes with May: DOOM 3 of course. We would like to test it... DOOM 3 is supposed to be released in May in the US. We already booked our tickets to the mars-moon Phobos. In the test you'll find out if DOOM 3 delivers the promised experience and how it runs on your hardware - including tweak guide." This was translated by RosOne at planetdoom. However, original news was posted on site which has scanned pics so cant post url and was scanned from gamestar magazine.
  3. Ahiles

    Two new screens in EGM magazine.

    But what’s wrong whit ak and m16. Think about it. You get to waiting room and there is exhibition of a few old weapons and wile you are waiting you look around maybe read a few details about weapons whit that neet iD web like interface after a wile npc comes and you talk to him and go on journey. But then some time after hell is loose you get back but you only have your sidearm gun you brake the glass and take a few old guns for starter until you get proper new age guns(map or two). But like someone who read whole magazine sad there won’t be ak and m16 in doom3.
  4. Ahiles

    another .PLAN update!

    Look at this quote “design of tools for DOOM 3 tech as well as future tech" They told us main exe would have all what we need to edit doom3 (some kind of sdk). So if they need programmer for "DOOM 3 tech + as well as future tech" what is your conclusion. My is they still working on doom3 as doom3 tech on which they are working now is still only doom3. Only other explanation would be they don’t intend to relies game whit sdk and they will add patch later when is finished.
  5. Ahiles

    another .PLAN update!

    Yes but problem is they will not get new programmer in 1 day it could take 1 month or more then 1 month so he get used to work place then a few months working on program and we get doom3 at end of year.
  6. Ahiles

    Doom3 on DVD?

    Dont have url anymore but it was on some sites about NVIDIA and Todd show some doom3 stuff like 6 months back. Over lunch, Jen-Hsun and Todd discussed the current state of the graphics card industry and where things were heading as we looked towards the future. Here, each identified the trend that both R&D budgets and lead times would be increasing dramatically as the technology and games become more and more complex. Todd then went on to discuss some of the most interesting aspects of Doom3. Although no release date was provided (albeit he did hint that it was at least four months away), he confirmed that Doom3’s installation size would likely exceed 3GB. In addition, the game would be locked with a hard-coded 60fps ceiling. Given how taxing this engine has proven to be in the early glimpses we have seen, that limit will still be difficult to reach by most hardware. Speaking of hardware, Todd informed the audience that the development platforms for Doom3 were all using GeForce FX graphics cards. This should erase any doubts of NVIDIA cards and their ability to run Doom3. http://www.itnews.com.au/storycontent.asp?ID=10&Art_ID=18332 As for the other huge title scheduled for this year, id software's Doom 3, Atomic had a chance to sit down last year with CEO Todd Hollenshead and lead designer Tim Willits. We asked them about how the game was to be distributed. Doom 3 is set to ship on at least two CD-ROMs, but most likely four discs. And i think that there were 1 or 2 more but theres too many of doom3 articles to go over all.
  7. Ahiles

    Doom3 on DVD?

    The_Tonx There was no beta 1,2,x... Its only Alfa Tech demo from E3(2002) whit some custom maps. And some idiot calling it beta. And iD alredy said it will be on 4 CDs