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Status Updates posted by MasterOFDeath

  1. Early this afternoon my mom had to run off to pick my stepdad from work, because he called complaining about having trouble breathing and his face swelling. When she got him he said he felt fine until they got home and he collapsed at the front door. That's when we called the ambulance.

    My mom just called me and said he's coming home for tonight, but with a heart monitor. They took a bunch of samples for tests, and so far haven't found anything wrong in the tests but something obviously is. The whole time he was in the hospital his entire upper body was very red and his blood pressure would act very weird, shooting up for a bit then going back down. He's on his way home right now and I'm worried as hell. The doctors can't figure out whats wrong with him and he has to keep the heart monitor on at all times due to risk of a stroke if his blood pressure starts acting up again. In a couple days he will return to the hospital for some heart tests.

    I really, really hope this ends well. At first I thought it was maybe a small problem with his medication and that he would be fine but I can't help but think something else is majorly wrong, considering how weird this condition sounds. Does anyone here have a clue what this could be?

    [EDIT] He is home now and seems to be doing a lot better. I won't say better for sure but whatever happened was some pretty scary stuff.

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    2. [name_withheld]


      I told my wife what symptoms your father was experiencing, since she is a registered nurse, and she suggested congestive heart failure or chronic hyper-tension. These were only suggestions off the top her head, though, so don't take them as a truth. However, I wouldn't rule them out either.

      Just keep a close eye on him, and hopefully all will go well. :)

    3. Sharessa


      Sounds like high blood pressure. For the time being, it would be a safe bet to drink plenty of water and stay away from salty foods.

    4. GreyGhost


      Might be an adverse reaction to medication. Let's hope for his sake this is just an isolated incident.

  2. face

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    2. Csonicgo


      I have to agree....

      heh, AP? I'm in AP, and college credit classes... and for some reason, I'm failing math. damnit!

    3. Bloodshedder


      MasterOFDeath said:

      I remember why I never post here anymore... this community has alot of issues. Instead of encouragement and support for the fact I actually plan to do something with my life and I am giving up something I enjoy to help it out, instead I get flamed by a bunch of immature nerds who think they are better than everyone and know everything. Great job, I think I found another addition to my list of communities to avoid at all costs.


    4. Sharessa


      WTF...who said 11th grade was Jr. High in this thread?

  3. face

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    2. Use


      AirRaid said:

      Since I started the whole bad spelling thing what the fuck? The word is right there in my post and you still manage to completely butcher it. Things like that make me want to slay everyone on the internet.

      Start with the idiots who actually registered on that forum.

    3. Csonicgo


      Use3D said:

      Start with the idiots who actually registered on that forum.


      thanks a lot, MoD.

    4. Mancubus II