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  1. LambdaAlchemist

    Master Levels - play order?

    I recommend trying The Works of the Masters, just won't work outside GZDoom. This turns the Master Levels into 5 episodes that are at least a little more enjoyable. The traditional "orders" often don't work all that well because these are various unrelated levels bundled together arbitrarily, when most of them were part of series of some kind, those being Cantos of Inferno, Titan and Cabal. As they are, the master levels are mostly just frustrating, but with this utility they do become more tolerable. Especially Inferno, which is really the best one out of the bunch, and in this package, in it's complete form.
  2. I believe they could have been good fun if they had been done right. As in, I play on Doom: Complete: Wadsmoosh with Works of the Masters, often alongside "No Rest for the Living", to further push the point that, to me, the "Master Levels" should have always been a series of episodes by various authors, bringing together simply the best masterclass in level design that the Doom community has to offer. Just simple fun levels offering great gameplay and an even greater time playing them, knowing that the fans themselves had a part in this new content. Unfortunately, id was thinking more about releasing official crappy shovelware to "get back" at other companies releasing unlicensed crappier shovelware. The best that we ever got from them is definitely Dr. Sleep's "Cantos of Inferno" series (and the accompanying tribute made by Xaser to fill in for the last, lost map), they were so good, in fact, that all of his submissions made to final release and he was even hired by id, later making make E4M7. Most other maps, however, don't hold quite as much as the Cantos do, such as those made by Chris Klie, for example, which are not very fun to go through, even his rejects. At least Tom Mustaine, Tim Willits and Theresa Chasar's submissions were pretty good. But at the end of the day, most of the Master Levels still are subpar compared to most fan-made wads of today, although, they will always be some of my favorites for history's sake, specially with the aforementioned utilities.
  3. LambdaAlchemist

    Mapsets where you revisit "maps"

    Doom Zero pulls an "E3M9", it's a really nice, classic style megawad with a pretty good custom boss. Equinox by B.P.R.D implements a fake hub that changes as you progress, kinda frustrating gameplay with the more artistic B.P.R.D. mapping style.
  4. LambdaAlchemist

    I'm looking for a good 3-4 episode wad for ultimate doom

    No End In Sight is pretty nice, so is Doom the Way id Did.
  5. LambdaAlchemist

    Autoload issue loading midis out of order(?)

    Ah thanks, that made it finally click, actually, I had a bit of a suspicion that the MAPINFO parsing order was the problem, but now that you confirmed it, it makes sense now, thank you.
  6. LambdaAlchemist

    Autoload issue loading midis out of order(?)

    Hi, thanks for the reply. Perhaps I explained myself improperly, I should've said this a little clearly, but my troubles involve the music from midi_complete.pk3 _always_ loading last no matter what order I put it in, I have since removed it from the autoload, and have been trying different orders aswell: gzdoom -file lunatic.wad midi_complete.pk3 or gzdoom -file midi_complete.pk3 lunatic.wad will still result in the same out come, and I have also tried this with different wads, sometimes testing with a added MAPINFO to explicitly refer to the correct songs and even renaming the songs (and MAPINFO), which is as of yet the only combination that has worked out, renamed music+MAPINFO, that is, is the only current method load the midi_complete.pk3 AND other wads, which is kinda frustrating since I love the community made music, but oh well, if it doesn't work I'll just check the wads in slade and change them accordingly. Either way, thank you for replying.
  7. Hi, I have a slightly different setup than most doomers have, but, I have only started play Classic Doom intermittently over the past half year, and I'm no programmer, although I like to tweak the game, so I got my self a problem from which I'm not sure how to solve. My setup includes JP Breton's doom_complete.pk3 (from his wadsmoosh utilitly, jp.itch.io/wadsmoosh) and a custom midi_complete.pk3 (on the autoload) containing a ZMAPINFO from wadsmoosh, and all of the community midi packs (Ultimate MIDI, .MID the Way Id Did, Master Levels 25th Anniversary, No Rest for the Living, Plutonia and TNT Evilution MIDI packs), with the exception of the respective D_DM2_TTL of each. My problem starts when I try to load a separate wad on the command line, in this case, skillsaw's Lunatic, as GZDoom starts just fine but loads the MIDIs out of order, as per the lack of titlescreen music, I can hear lunatic's titlescreen, but the rest is just doomkid's MTWID, I've isolated that the culprit is _not_ the previously mentioned ZMAPINFO as I have tested midi_complete.pk3 without it, and it works just fine. So I'm stumped right now, did I just come across some obscure bug? Or is there something else I'm missing? Also, sorry if I'm doing something wrong, I'm new to doomworld and using forums in general.